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Both mobility problems and memory lapses are commonly attributed to old age, almost as an inevitable part of the ageing process. In particular, arthritis and dementia are two conditions that tend to be linked to the older generation. Automatically making assumptions about these conditions can feel limiting if not rather depressing to anyone approaching retirement or looking after older relatives.

Rather than thinking of these health concerns as ticking time bombs, it’s useful to understand what these conditions are like, and how you can lessen their effects. With that in mind, we’ve taken inspiration from six well-known people suffering from either dementia or arthritis to see how they manage their day-to-day lives. Get ready to be inspired.

Terry Jones
Any comedy fan will recognise Monty Python’s Terry Jones as one of the funniest men of a generation. In 2015, Terry Jones was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) after a noticeable change in behaviour by his family.

Now, Terry Jones is a celebrity supporter of Alzheimer’s Research UK and has shared his story with major newspapers in the hopes of helping others. Unlike other forms of dementia, FTD doesn’t usually affect movement, but it does impact speech and social interactions. But Terry still walks miles, enjoys films, indulges in a drink or two, and loves seeing friends.

Kathleen Turner
Famous in the 1980s for movies like Romancing the Stone, Kathleen Turner was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 1992. She made her feelings on suffering from the condition public in her memoir, Send Yourself Roses.

She’s also an advocate for Pilates and other forms of exercise that can help with arthritis. Yoga is another way of balancing up relaxation with exercise, and it’s activities like this, which can be built up slowly and help you manage the condition.

Tiger Woods
Best known for his feats on the golf course, Tiger Woods is also an arthritis sufferer due to a number of back injuries he suffered over time. He attributed surgery to the initial cause of the condition, which in his case, is osteoarthritis.

There are many ways to combat arthritis, depending on the type you have. Tiger Woods is said to have PRP therapy to help him with his, but other options in occupational therapy and medication are also available.

Barbara Windsor
Many celebrities have been diagnosed with forms of dementia over the decades. But still, not many choose to speak out about it. One actress who decided to do just that was Barbara Windsor and her husband.

Although Barbara is struggling with the worsening symptoms of Alzheimer’s, her husband says that she is like her old self in the theatre, a place where she feels so at home. By understanding how to help someone feel like themselves when suffering from a disease like Alzheimer’s, you can make a positive impact.

Patrick Stewart
Thespian Patrick Stewart suffered from painful swelling of the joints in his hand due to arthritis. He made the headlines by claiming his support for medical marijuana in the form of a spray. At a glance, Patrick Stewart may not look like an obvious case for the condition. He is fit, healthy and in good shape for his years.

Staying healthy can certainly help to reduce the effects of conditions like arthritis. But if you or a relative are starting to exhibit warning signs like the stiffness of joints or unexplained fatigue, it’s wise to visit a doctor to get a health evaluation.

Robbie Williams
Last but certainly not least, singer Robbie Williams was diagnosed with arthritis in 2016. Proof that arthritis can affect people of all ages, tenderness, swelling and cracking joints are a common sign of the illness.

Aside from choosing an exercise that can help with your condition, and staying as active as possible, diet can contribute to your health too. By staying in shape and eating a balanced diet, you can help lessen the effects of arthritis. It’s also said that Mediterranean diets with higher omega-3 fatty acids can be beneficial.

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