The term ‘accessible bathroom’ may conjure up a dull and off-putting image of clunky bathroom aids and a clinical appeal but luckily, that is no longer the case. Thanks to modern design, accessible bathrooms can have can be just as trendy as any other bathroom and be perfectly safe and easy for everyone to use.

At Mobility Plus, we don’t believe you need to sacrifice style in order to achieve a bathroom that is practical and suits your mobility needs. That’s why we’ve put together 5 ideas to help you make your bathroom an attractive haven while making it fit for purpose.

Minimalistic tiles

A key bathroom design trend in 2019 is minimalism: clean and uncluttered spaces with flourishes of character that create a calm oasis to help you to unwind. You can achieve this look easily by selecting some chic minimalistic tiles that will instantly update your bathroom’s look and feel. There are plenty of options to explore, from classic monochrome to vintage-inspired patterns. Have a look at our selection of minimalistic tiling trends for some ideas. Meanwhile, by choosing non-slip floor tiles, you’ll be adding an essential safety feature to prevent bathroom falls.

Stylish walk-in bath

Everyone likes a good soak in the tub to unwind and relax, and walk-in baths enable everyone to enjoy this simple pleasure without having to worry about mobility restrictions. Our range of walk-in baths come in different sizes and styles so that you can pick one that suits your space and your eye for design. Match your chosen walk-in bath with a modern, neutral palette, or make a statement with striking design features like art deco mirrors and bold wall tiles.

Modern wet room

Gone are the days of having to awkwardly step into a bathtub to have a shower. Wet rooms – bathrooms with showers on the same level as the floor – are the ultimate way to bring your bathroom space up to date while making it accessible. Not only are they perfect for all ages, but they also help to maximise limited space while giving your bathroom a contemporary minimalistic vibe. Our walk-in showers and wet rooms also offer foldaway seats and discreet handrails for the ultimate feeling of comfort and safety.

Wall-hung sink

Bathroom sinks mounted to the wall without cupboards underneath are perfect for everybody to use, including those who need wheelchair access. It can also be fixed at a height that suits your particular needs. Go for a classic marble design that will stand the test of time or a contemporary white sink with a rustic wood counter. Installing a single tap will make it easier to control the water temperature, and you can add a stylish feel by going for a chrome, nickel, or brass finishing. Complete the look by adding a stunning mirror that opens up the space and gives the whole bathroom a sleek and modern vibe.

Space efficient and accessible storage

If you are limited on space in your bathroom, there are plenty of smart storage options to optimise the room you do have, while incorporating style. Wall mounted cupboards or shelves fixed to your desired height are practical, accessible, and space-efficient. Adding a floating vanity that is easy to access and fits all your essentials also perfectly marries form with function. Select a style that you like: go modern and minimalist with classic white or add a touch of warmth with rustic wood or hues of your favourite colour. These storage options will help you keep your bathroom tidy and organised, while the floating options will make it easier to clean.

With so many different interior design options available for your bathroom, there are plenty of opportunities to inject your personal style and contemporary design into your new bathroom, while making it accessible and safe for everyone.

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