Each winter, one person dies because of the cold every seven minutes. In this day and age, this is a shocking statistic but with rising energy prices, it isn’t quite so surprising. Now that the nights are closing in and the temperature is dropping, it’s time to take some measures to get us through the winter months. Here are some helpful tips that should help you retain that precious heat and help to keep out the cold without costing the earth.

Eat well

Food is an essential source of energy to help keep your body warm so make sure you have enough substantial hot meals and hot drinks throughout the day. Not only for energy but also to warm your tummy.

Big cup of tea

Keep active

Make sure you get up and walk around where possible to get your blood flow and circulation going. Even better still, take a walk to the shops and pick up the pace if you can. You might find that you’re glad that the house isn’t boiling.

Elderly walking

Wear lots of warm clothes

Wear your thickest clothes and double up where possible. Don’t forget to keep your hands and toes warm with thick socks and a hot water bottle for your hands. Generally if these parts of your body are warm then the rest usually is.

Warm clothes

Hot baths

Taking a hot bath or hot shower will help raise your body temperature. Make sure your socks and the rest of your clothing is thoroughly warmed up before you get out, either by a radiator, fire place or hot water bottle.

Hot Bath


Keep doors and curtains closed

Keep the drafts out and the heat in by keeping all doors shut and prevent sneaky drafts creeping in through gaps in your window frames by keeping the curtains. The thicker the curtains the better.


Tin foil at back of radiators

Putting sheets of tin foil down the back of your radiators is a great tip for maximising the heat generated by your heating. The tin foil is said to reflect the heat back into the room and effectively producing even more heat.

Tin foil at back of radiators

Double up your duvets

If you have more than one duvet or extra blankets, use these at night to lock in the heat during sleep. Having a good quality night’s sleep is essential giving your body the energy it needs and keeping warm at night will help you rejuvenate properly. So layer up wherever possible even with duvets.

Double duvets