TV at Christmas

It’s that time of year again, where we look forward to the festivities of Christmas and the quality time spent with close family and friends. Figures show that more than 28 million homes in the UK have a television, and the average Brit watches 22 hours of TV every week – and this is most likely to increase at Christmas.

With many more options to stream TV from our iPads and our mobile phones, nothing brings the family together more than watching a Christmas special in the family TV room. Research shows that last year, 12% of 16-to-24-year-olds watched television from subscription video on demand like Netflix. It wouldn’t harm anyone to lay down a rule or two, and encourage everyone to place their smart devices in a box for a few hours.


We all know Christmas is well underway, when we see the iconic Coca-Cola advert. It gives us the warm sentiments of all what Christmas encompasses: love, quality time and togetherness. Childhood psychologist Dr Caroline Schuster say that psychologists help to evoke these feelings. She says that they base adverts around family and children in order to highlight “basic values” that trigger our inner emotions.


There is often a life lesson which runs throughout the Christmas specials, which teaches us about the values of community spirit, selflessness and being charitable. TV is a great way to communicate these acts of service to us all. It’s all too easy, to forget that it’s important to help each other when in need, and the way it fortifies bonds encouraging others to be kinder each day.

Family bonding time

TV bonds the family together and makes everyone crave out much needed family time. Bringing back throwback films gives us all the feeling of the “good ole times” with pangs of nostalgia. It often reminds us of the past Christmas memories we’ve had and embracing the present moment. And the bonus is, if you want some peace and quiet, it keeps the noisy children at bay – momentarily.


Our favourite TV programmes are back but with a twist. From EastEnders to Strictly Come dancing, it gives us more of an incentive to be glued to the TV. Christmas specials are a yearly tradition that we all get geared up to sit down and watch with a cup of tea and slice of Christmas cake. Queen’s speech is an annual event that is broadcasted to the whole nation. The tradition began in 1932 with King George V through the radio, and has since been taken over by Elizabeth II. The Queen reminds us of the trials and tribulations of the year, and encourages us to keep your spirits high. No matter our backgrounds, we can all relate to the wider community and how we can help each other in the smallest of ways.

Embrace the Christmas TV festivities and indulge in the time you have, to spend with your loved ones.

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