The Hampton Elite is one of the lowest entry access walk-in baths in the UK. It’s a practical and stylish design that doesn’t compromise on your comfort or relaxation. Discover the unique benefits of this walk-in bath and find out how you could enjoy bathing all over again.

How does a walk-in bath work?

With unique features, walk in baths put safety and comfort at the forefront of your bathing experience. Each walk-in bathtub comes fitted with an easy-access door, which makes it easy for individuals with mobility issues to enter without having to climb over the tub or raise their legs, compared to traditional baths.

Every walk-in bath design at Mobility Plus is packed with safety features, such as slip resistant flooring, to make bathing a comfortable and relaxing experience once again.

What are the benefits of the Hampton Elite?

Easy low entry access

The door access in the Hampton Elite is so low to the ground that it has been recognised as one of the lowest entry walk-in baths available in the UK. Low level access is ideal for those with limited mobility as getting into the bath no longer has to be a struggle. You won’t have to worry about climbing over the side of the bath tub and risk any potential injuries.

A seat feature with a contoured back

The Hampton Elite walk-in bath features an integrated seat for added comfort, safety and support. It has also been expertly crafted with a contoured back, so you can be sure to have a relaxing bathe.

A seat in your bathtub is great for anyone suffering with back pain or lack the strength to move safely in a traditional bathtub. Now, you can bathe stress-free and pain-free with the Hampton Elite.

Chromotherapy light system

Also known as colour therapy, this luxury system uses a lamp-source to generate all the 7 colours of the rainbow and radiate them around your bathtub. The colours create a gentle glow to encourage you to switch-off and enjoy a deep relaxation.

The power of these colours infusing your bathtub can work to promote the feeling of balance and healing. Research suggests that our bodies can respond emotionally and psychologically to colours. For example, green connotes healing and growth, while yellow connotes joy and creativity.

So, with all seven colours of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) gleaming in the Hampton Elite, the feeling of relaxation is heightened. It’s a lavish feature, with healing possibilities, that you’ll be amazed you can enjoy every day.

Hydrotherapy spa system

Bring the luxury benefits of a spa to your home with the Hydrotherapy system. By using water in a therapeutic way, this system can bring solace to arthritic discomfort, soothes your aches and pains, and helps you unwind.

This feature works by directing jets of water to target specific muscle areas and soft tissue to increase blood circulation and reduces fluid retention in the body. For a soothing bathing experience that feels similar to having a relaxing hand-massage, this walk-in bath is just for you.

Slip resistant base

The base of this walk-in bath is manufactured to the highest standards, and so includes a unique slip-resistant flooring to increase your safety getting in and out of the bathtub.

Research has found that the bathroom is one of the most likely places to fall in the home. With 1 in 3 adults over 65 living alone falling at least once a year, looking for a bath that puts your safety first is certainly a good option. Not only will you improve your bathing experience but also instil confidence and relaxation that you’ve been missing.

Find out more about the benefits of the Hampton Elite online today, and get in touch with us to order your free brochure and design consultation.

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