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Mr and Mrs Eady from Watford looked into changing their old, impractical bathroom due to growing concerns over mobility and safety issues. The couple were very thorough in their research and looked at numerous companies before choosing Mobility Plus to design and install the replacement.

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Exercise and health benefits
Yoga and mobility

Keeping active in later life can often feel quite overwhelming, especially if you have been inactive for a while. However, this doesn’t have to be the case and there are many ways to get you out and about again. It has an array of benefits, and is probably more important at this stage in life than it ever has been. Participating in regular exercise improves health, strength and energy levels, as well as less physical aspects such as independence, wellbeing and memory.

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grab rails

When designing a bathroom to suit your mobility needs, the position of your walk-in shower or walk-in bath is usually a very simple decision. The position of support fittings - such as where to put grab rails in relation to a bath or shower seat - often requires a little more thought. Suitable positioning of these fixtures is important to ensure that they provide adequate support to perform specific tasks.

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Unfortunately, as we get older, daily routines can become more difficult and maintaining our independence can become more challenging. Cleanliness and hygiene is a basic fact of life for most, but as we get older, washing can become a major strain. Whereas bathrooms used to be something we took for granted, they can quickly become a place of risk.

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technology and dementia
Balancing the desire for independence and the need for safety becomes increasingly difficult as you get older. We all like to enjoy our own space and privacy, but in later life we need to keep in regular contact with the people who care for our health and wellbeing. With that in mind, some new sensory technology is being trialled in Britain which allows health professionals to monitor your home activity without compromising your privacy.

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When it comes to looking after our bodies it's not just our physical health we need to consider, our mental health is equally as important, especially as we get a older. Many people take up hobbies such as puzzles, crosswords or sodoku to keep their brain active, but how important is this to our brain function exactly?

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Dr Hilary
Dr Hilary As we get older, our health can decline which can cause a wide range of mobility issues. Daily routines can become challenging, so we have to consider our safety as well as our independence. Millions of people all over the world take cleanliness and hygiene for granted, but as one of the most accident-prone rooms in any home, the bathroom is a place where safety is paramount.

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Future proof your bathroom

Whilst many people focus on keeping those news year’s resolutions some of us more practical people have chosen to focus on home improvements and generally making life easier in the home, and what better time to consider the practicalities of your bathroom than at the start of a brand new year. Forget about New Year, New You. It’s all about New Year, new bathroom!

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Disabled access days out

With autumn well underway and winter fast approaching, the cold weather may deter some people, particularly those with mobility issues, from venturing into the great British outdoors.

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Last year we fitted one of our stunning wet rooms for Mr and Mrs Blase from Stockport and we were thrilled to receive this letter at the start of this year telling us how much they love their new bathroom. We’re so pleased that Mrs Blasé can enjoy her bathroom whilst also enjoying the nature outside of her bathroom window. Here’s what she had to say …..

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Cancer Research

Back in the 1970’s, the survival rate for people with cancer was less than 25%, today this figure has doubled with a 50% survival rate. This feat has only been possible because of all the work and research conducted by charities such as Cancer Research UK.

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The weather is dropping in the UK as we move slowly into autumn time, so as the temperature dips, it’s never been more important to look after your health, especially if you or someone you know is of the elderly age bracket.

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