high toiletsStatistics show that around 1 in 3 adults over 65 who live at home will have a minimum of one fall a year, and about half of these will have more frequent falls. The startling frequency of falls for those in this age bracket means that it’s crucial to make your home more mobility-friendly so as to prevent any falls from taking place.

One of the areas of a house where falls frequently take place is the bathroom, and more specifically when someone uses the toilet. Having a low toilet seat height means that people have to lower themselves down further, and this means the likelihood of slipping increases. Managing toileting activities is a very personal task, and being safe while using one should be a given.

One solution to this problem is having a high toilet seat. Having a toilet with a high seat is a great mobility addition to your bathroom, as it lowers this risk of falling, giving the person a greater sense of independence when looking after their hygiene.

It really shouldn’t be a luxury to feel confident and safe when using the loo, and so a high toilet seat is a must-have for anyone who’s experienced this issue and is concerned at all. With this in mind, here are the benefits of using a high toilet seat:

1. High toilets have stability

You may choose to opt for a high toilet seat with or without grab rails. However, we would recommend high toilet seats with additional support if you still feel you may need some extra help with your mobility.

The added height will put less stress on your knees and help you stand easier. This will also help with your confidence when using the bathroom.

2. They are safe

They increase safety as you are provided a durable base for sitting, making rising easier, helping you avoid slips and falls. If you position additional grab rails close to the toilet, it will help you move around the bathroom with an added safety and less risk.

3. They provide relief

Raised toilets relieve your joints from any added pressure. Those who suffer from arthritis tend to find it very difficult to bend joints. It isn’t an easy task, and it can be very painful as sufferers can experience severe discomfort. The high toilet seat will also reduce the squatting position we have usually do when we use the toilet.

4. High toilets are easy to fit

You can get high toilet seats that are simple to install, and it do not require much work. Typically, raised toilet seats have adjustable fixing brackets which secures the seat in place for ultimate stability. These brackets are normally on the sides, and back.

Not only is it easy to fit, but it’s also easy to clean too! Give it a quick wipe down with a toilet disinfectant or an antibacterial wipe, and you’re good to go.

Alternatively you can have a higher toilet pan fitted as part of any accessible bathroom installed by Mobility Plus, speak to one of our team for details.

What should you consider?

There are a few different variations of these types of toilet seats, some seats have padding or durable plastic. When selecting your raised toilet seat, you may want to keep the following things in mind:

  • Size
  • Toilet lid or no toilet lid
  • Height

A high toilet seat or toilet can make a huge difference in your ability to use the bathroom independently. Additionally, as this allows you to be more independent, it may take a little pressure off from your carer. Most high toilet seats are easy to install and use too.

If you suffer from pain or limited mobility, these devices are an affordable way to get rid of bathroom embarrassment.

The benefits of a high toilet can really make a difference to your routine. It’s an important feature to have, that will help reduce toileting worries or concerns. Give yourself peace of mind. Feel free to request one of our free brochures, if you are looking to get your sanitaryware replaced when replacing your bath or shower. If you are trying to decide on a bathing solution, why not view our walk-in bath and shower selections.

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