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Walk-in Showers

At Mobility Plus, we offer the widest range of easy access, walk-in showers and wet rooms available, specifically designed for the elderly or those with mobility issues. We also have a philosophy that if you do not see exactly what you want from our walk-in shower range, we will design a solution especially for you.

This flexibility means you can have a walk-in shower that completely meets your specific requirements and we can tailor any package on easy access showers giving you a solution that is practical, stylish and with your unique specifications, such as wheelchair access.

Mobility shows are a wonderful option if you want something different to a walk-in bath. Our walk-in showers for the elderly are perfect for those with mobility restrictions or anyone who wants extra support and safety for bathing. We can make your life that bit easier with an easy-access shower with a no-door option for wheelchair access.

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level access showers

The Richmond wet room combines the modern look with optimum accessibility

Designed to fit perfectly in the corner of bathrooms with sliding door giving easy access

Ultra stylish rimless sliding door enclosure with sleek and contemporary lines

This range features 6mm clear toughened glass and a high quality polished aluminium finish

showers with bi-fold doors

A sliding quadrant cubicle, designed to fit perfectly in the corner of bathrooms with a quadrant screen featuring gentle curves and a smooth sliding door

affordable walk-in shower

Ideal for customers who prefer that clean white look in a more traditional style walk-in shower

level access showers

Sleek and stylish digital showers designs

showers with bi-fold doors

Offering a great compact enclosure with half height bi-fold door solution as this fits neatly into a corner and features wide open doors for easy entry

affordable walk-in shower

A great choice of full and half height panels and many different door combinations

level access showers

The ‘all-in-one’ 100% waterproof Rydal shower pod is specially designed to be installed quickly

“I’m so happy Mum has her independence back”

Mrs. A Smith

Walk-in shower features

  • Easy temperature control
  • Non-slip flooring
  • Support hand bars
  • Folding seat
  • Ultra-low threshold
  • Easy-clean shower enclosure
  • Stylish, modern design

Our range of walk-in showers have something for anyone depending on your style and preference. This extends to doorless showers, those with foldaway seats, safety grab rails, corner showers, full-scale wet rooms and much more. Speak to our team to learn more about our mobility and disability-friendly bathrooms – we are always on hand to guide you through your options in choosing the right walk-in shower for your disability bathroom needs.

And it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

First decide if you’d like a shower tray, level access tray or a wet room floor.

Step 2

Next, choose your preferred colour and style of screens or doors.

Step 3

Finally, pick your wall and floor finishes, bathroom furniture and finishing touches.

Walk in Shower Options - Mobility Plus
Shower Colour Options - Mobility Plus
Shower Equipment Options - Mobility Plus

The result? An easy access bathroom that is exactly to your taste and needs, guaranteed to give you years of satisfaction.

Walk in Shower FAQs

  • Walk is a walk-in shower?

    A walk-in shower, or mobility shower, is simply a shower that you can enter without having to step over a high tray or threshold. Walk-in showers often have fewer hazards than traditional showers because of this factor.

    They are very popular with people who have limited mobility, whether this is because of old age or low mobility in general, due to this ease of access and the various features they have to make the bathing experience safer and more relaxing.

  • How much is a walk-in shower?

    The price of a walk-in shower can vary depending on the style that you want, as there are some differences out there.

    Additional features in a shower can also change the price. Here are the factors to be aware of:

    • The style of the walk-in shower enclosure
    • Features that you wish to have in your walk-in shower, such as the type of seat or whether you opt for one of our digital showers for example
    • Integrating the walk-in shower into your current bathroom space
  • What are the advantages of having a walk-in shower?

    Walk-in showers bring many benefits for people, whether they have limited mobility or not.

    The first is that the ultra-low threshold makes entering and exiting the shower enclosure much easier and safer.

    Walk-in showers with no threshold whatsoever, which are effectively wet rooms, also allow wheelchair entry and exit, making them even more accessible. Some of the features that they have include:

    • Seats that fold if you want to sit down for your showering
    • Support handrails
    • Non-slip flooring for added safety
    • Easy temperature control system
    • Enclosures that are very easy to clean
  • How much space does a walk-in shower need?

    The space required for a mobility walk-in shower will depend on the size of the shower and any additional features, such as a bench or grab bars, but we normally suggest 1.8m x 1.8m. Enough space is required so that users can enter and exit safely.

  • Are walk-in showers a good investment?

    Yes, walk-in showers are generally considered to be a good investment, as they can improve the accessibility and functionality of a bathroom and are normally suitable for most users.

  • Do walk-in showers add value to your home?

    Yes, walk-in showers can add value to a home, particularly for homeowners looking to appeal to buyers who may have mobility or accessibility concerns. Additionally, walk-in showers are often seen as a luxurious and modern feature that can increase the appeal of a home.

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