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The Windermere – Walk-in Bath with Power Seat

If you have difficulty lowering and raising yourself, this comfortable full-length walk-in bath with power seat is the perfect solution. With the option of incorporating a lifting power seat, which helps to lower and raise you safely with a touch of a button, we provide a helpful solution for those with mobility restrictions affecting leg movement as well as for carers of those with disabilities.

Full height walk in shower with stable enclosure
deep soak walk-in bath

Power seat, lifting up to 20 stone (125kg)

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Special Features

  • Easy access inward opening door with low entry step
  • Two lever operated pop-up plugs for faster draining
  • Long life backup battery
  • Easy installation in place of a standard bath
  • Thermostatically controlled for complete safety
  • Bath size: 1690 mm x 690 mm
  • Power seat, lifting and lowering up to 20 stone (127 kg)

The Windermere features a power seat, lifting and lowering up to 150kg, allowing for an easier, more accessible bathing experience. An integral, full-size contoured seat with fold-down arm rests for bather comfort and support is also a helpful feature.

Many of our customers have also opted for a shower instead. If you would like to do the same then take a look at our easy-access shower range.

Windermere bath size: 1690 mm x 690 mm.

This product has been rated 4.7 stars out of 5, based on 63 user reviews.

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