Everyone deserves to feel safe when showering. But the fear of slipping, pain, or mobility issues can make showers an ordeal rather than a time to relax. That doesn’t have to be the case.

We want you to feel comfortable, which is why we’ve collated a list of walk-in showers with seats or benches. Read on for the advantages and disadvantages of different shower seats and find the best one to suit your showering needs.

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  1. Standard Shower Stool
  2. Standard Shower Chair
  3. Folding or Hanging Shower Chair
  4. Rolling Shower Chair
  5. Transfer Bench
  6. The Best Walk-in Shower or Bench for You
  7. Enjoy Your Shower With a Walk-in Shower Seat or Bench

1.   Standard Shower Stool

A shower stool is a free-standing stool you place in the shower. They come in different sizes and allow you to rest while washing.

Benefits of a Shower Stool

  • Free-standing – A shower stool is not fixed on the shower wall, so you can shift it according to your preferences.
  • Suitable for balance issues – They keep you stable if you struggle to balance in the shower or are conscious of slipping.
  • Budget-friendly – Stools are ideal if you’re on a budget or don’t want to invest too much into a shower seat.
  • Ideal for mobility restrictions – They reduce the distance you need to move, minimising pain when washing.
  • Gives you a resting place – Perhaps you enjoy standing to shower but get tired after a few minutes. A shower stool allows you to take breaks as regularly as you want.

Disadvantages of a Shower Stool

  • Less stable than fixed shower seats – It may shift because a stool is not attached to the wall or floor. However, they do have rubber soles to increase stability.
  • Lack of adjustments – Shower stools are typically set at a certain height and don’t always have adjustment settings. Therefore, you may struggle to sit comfortably if the stool is too low or high.
  • Not suitable for everyone – A standard shower stool is usually one-size-fits-all, so they don’t cater to every body type, mobility issues or age.
  • No back support – Unlike shower chairs, a stool has no back. So there are better options than stools if you need comfort and stability for your spine.

2.   Standard Shower Chair

A standard shower chair is similar to a stool but with a back. Some come with armrests or stability support, and others do not.

Benefits of a Shower Chair

  • Moveable – You can move shower chairs to different positions and take them out of your walk-in shower to use in another area of your bathroom.
  • Back support – If sitting upright on a stool is too difficult, a chair will ease the strain on your spine.
  • Provides stability – A shower chair supports your posture and balance, so you don’t need to worry about falling.
  • Helps reduce pain from mobility restrictions – Standing to shower or maintaining your posture on a stool may cause pain. However, a shower chair gives you the independence to sit in comfort.
  • Armrest support – The armrests on shower chairs are helpful to lean on when lowering or lifting yourself from the chair.

Disadvantages of a Shower Chair

  • Restricted movement – A fixed shower chair’s back and arms may limit your movements and ability to shower in your preferred position.
  • Not always suitable if you struggle to sit from standing – If you have mobility issues that make it painful or challenging to sit down or stand up, you may prefer a seat that caters to your height and movement restrictions. However, some shower chairs offer adjustable seating.
  • Less stable than fixed seating – Because shower chairs are free-standing, they may tip if you lean on them too heavily.
  • Take up space – Shower chairs can be bulky and take up more surface area than a shower stool.

3.   Folding or Hanging Shower Chair

A folding or hanging shower chair fixes onto the shower wall or is hooked over a grab rail. They come in many different shapes and designs, providing rest and stability when showering.

Benefits of a Folding or Hanging Shower Chair

  • Stable – Because a folding or hanging chair uses a permanent fixture, they do not tip or move when in use.
  • Space-saving – Folding shower chairs are a good option if you have a small walk-in shower or you don’t like the look of bulky shower chairs.
  • Useful if you don’t want to sit directly under the shower – A folding or hanging chair allows you to sit and wash body parts without being under running water.
  • Can place to your ideal height – During installation, you can place a folding or hanging chair at the best height for you.

Disadvantages of a Folding or Hanging Shower Chair

  • Permanent – A hanging or folding shower chair requires a fixture on your shower wall. Therefore, they may not be suitable if you rent or plan to sell your house.
  • No armrests – The lack of armrests can make the chair difficult for anyone who needs support getting up and down.

4.   Rolling Shower Chair

A rolling shower chair has wheels on the bottom so you can roll the chair in and out of a walk-in shower. Some rolling shower chairs have adjustable seats and armrests.

Benefits of a Rolling Shower Chair

  • Ideal for low mobility – Rolling chairs for the shower for the disabled work well if the individual has little to no mobility.
  • Provides independence – For people who use wheelchairs, rolling shower chairs allow them to go in and out of a walk-in shower independently.
  • Easy transition – There is no need to get up from one place and move into the shower. Instead, the chair can roll straight in.

Disadvantages of a Rolling Shower Chair

  • Less stable than a fixture – Although the wheels provide easy transition, it is less stable than a fixed shower seat.
  • May have limited adjustments – Depending on the quality of the rolling shower chair, it may have few adjustments for comfort and practicality.

5.   Transfer Bench

A transfer bench is long and usually has an inbuilt chair on one end. Half of the bench stands outside the walk-in shower, while the other side extends into the shower.

Benefits of a Transfer Bench

  • Less risk of slipping – You will not have to step onto the shower floor but can sit outside and slide into the shower.
  • Easy transition – A person can sit on the outside and move across into the shower without having to get up or down.
  • Simple to use – You can place transfer benches directly into the walk-in shower without fixing them to the shower wall.

Disadvantages of a Transfer Bench

  • No grab rails – Although some transfer benches have a grab rail at one end, they do not have them all the way across.
  • Needs some mobility – A person will need to hold themselves and move across the bench into the walk-in shower.
  • Takes up space – Transfer benches take up more space than stools and folding chairs, so they are unsuitable for small bathrooms.

The Best Walk-in Shower or Bench for You

Choosing a shower seat or bench that fits your criteria and independent needs is essential. Below is the complete list of walk-in shower seats that suit different mobility, pain or disability challenges.

Shower Stool

Best if you have mild mobility or balance issues and want a non-permanent resting place while showering.

Shower Chair

Best if you require back support and armrests to help you sit or stand. You can also use a shower chair for the elderly if the person still has mobility but gets tired easily.

Folding or Hanging Shower Chair

Best if you have a small shower or don’t want a shower chair to take up space. They’re good if you struggle with mild pain and mobility or have balance restrictions.

Rolling Shower Chair

Best for little to no mobility or for anyone who finds it painful to get up and down. A rolling shower chair is also handy for carers to easily transfer you in and out of the shower.

Transfer Bench

Best for someone who struggles with balance and would prefer not to step onto the shower floor. Also useful if you have restricted mobility going from standing to sitting and vice versa.

Enjoy Your Shower With a Walk-in Shower Seat or Bench

Showers don’t have to be painful or difficult to manage with the right walk-in shower seat or bench. Select one that suits your needs so you can comfortably enjoy every shower.