Our Policy regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Your safety is our priority

At Mobility Plus, we are trusted to visit hundreds of customers’ homes across the UK every day. As we all face an unprecedented situation with Coronavirus (COVID-19), it is more important than ever that we operate safely and responsibly.

We take the welfare of our customers and employees extremely seriously and will do everything possible to keep them safe.

  • All of our advisors, surveyors and installation teams will follow all government guidelines on cleanliness and hand sanitization before entering your home.
  • Do not be offended if our advisors do not offer any physical greeting or handshake when meeting you.
  • Our employees will not accept drinks or refreshments during their visit.
  • Mobility Plus are happy to deal with a friend or family member on behalf of vulnerable customers.

If customers have any specific concerns about their situation, please contact us directly on 0800 077 6393.

We are very grateful for your co-operation and understanding.

Mobility Plus

Mobility Plus joins John Lewis and B&Q as a BiKBBI partner

Mobility Plus joins John Lewis and B&Q as a BiKBBI partner

bikbbi partner

Mobility Plus is now an official retail partner to the British Institute of Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Installation (BiKBBI), joining high street names such as John Lewis, Bathstore and B&Q.

This new partnership is a testament to the high standards achieved by Mobility Plus in their installation of easy-access showers, walk-in baths and wet rooms.

Chief Executive Officer Lawrence Warriner says, “Mobility Plus is proud to partner with the BiKBBI and shares their commitment to improving the standards of bathroom installations. Our customers can only benefit from this new relationship.”

The BiKBBI is the UK’s first and only institute dedicated to kitchen, bedroom and bathroom installation. Sanctioned by government, this not-for-profit organisation is dedicated to improving standards within the industry.

The partnership provides Mobility Plus customers with the peace of mind that they have chosen a fully-accredited bathroom installer with a proven track record of installation expertise.

Things to consider with any bathroom installation

When considering updating your bathroom, the BiKBBI make several recommendations before you make the important decision to invest in what could be a complex project:

  • Take time to find the right productfor your needs and budget
  • Always have a home visit to receive an accurate design
  • Only consider a professional installer
  • Always expect a formal written quotation
  • Make sure your installer is fully accredited
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions


Thank you Mr and Mrs Blase for your kind words

Thank you Mr and Mrs Blase for your kind words

Last year we fitted one of our stunning wet rooms for Mr and Mrs Blase from Stockport and we were thrilled to receive this letter at the start of this year telling us how much they love their new bathroom. We’re so pleased that Mrs Blasé can enjoy her bathroom whilst also enjoying the nature outside of her bathroom window. Here’s what she had to say …..

“………..From start to finish, the whole operation went smoothly, exactly as described and promised and we have all the facilities we needed to enable us both to access the shower safely and comfortably.

It sounds daft to say that every time I have a shower I think about writing but I do. Last summer I was able to sit on the oh-so-comfy seat with the window open, listening to the birds, and think ‘this is better than a water garden at the ‘Chelsea Flower Show!’

The meticulous attention to detail and the individual’s needs shows up even more when we stay at a Premier Inn in Newport, one of the few that have wet rooms, and yet there is no comparison. I think they need to consult your firm and offer you the job of converting their facilities. When you also think of the varied ‘disabled’ toilet facilities in the pubs and restaurants we have visited, I am never more thankful for what we have installed by you.

There are so many little touches that make such a difference; things like the positioning of the toilet roll holder, so that you can reach it without having to be double jointed to reach behind your back. The rail in the shower is invaluable and the seat is sheer bliss. To think that I originally said I didn’t want one. The rack in the shower for the soap, shampoo etc, lots more space than we have previously.

All the way through we feel that our comfort and safety was at the forefront of the installation and we are so glad that we chose your firm, and we recommend you to everyone who visits and eyes our wet room with envy.”

Take a look at our full wet room and walk-in shower ranges and find your mobility bathroom solutions. We also offer a practical range of walk-in baths too.

We’ve donated £534k to Cancer Research

We’ve donated £534k to Cancer Research

Back in the 1970’s, the survival rate for people with cancer was less than 25%, today this figure has doubled with a 50% survival rate. This feat has only been possible because of all the work and research conducted by charities such as Cancer Research UK.

2016 so far has seen a number of legendary people taken from us too soon as a result of a cruel disease which we call cancer. David Bowie, Alan Rickman, and Motorhead front man Lemmy are just a few of the people taken from us in the last 6 weeks alone! Leading a healthy lifestyle, eating well and exercise is said to reduce the likelihood of getting cancer, but sometimes this isn’t enough and the disease has other ideas no matter how much you’ve taken care of your body.

Over the next 20 years, the aim of Cancer Research is to raise the survival rate figure to 75%. This is a big ambition but it can be done with the support of the British public and business community.

This is why Mobility-Plus is extremely proud to support such a cause, so much so that we have donated just over £530k to Cancer Research since our partnership began. We are pleased to donate £100 to the charity with every full bathroom sale and we hope to continue our support of Cancer Research as long as we are able to.

The money raised goes towards the support of research in all types of cancer, as well as investigating the biology of the disease in general which it is hoped will be vital knowledge that will save more lives. They also hope to develop new tests, surgery and treatments that will benefit cancer patients and prolong life even further. We will continue to donate £100 from every bathroom sold at Mobility-Plus to Cancer Research for the foreseeable future to contribute to the aim of 75% survival rate within the next 20 years.

For more details on the work conducted by Cancer Research as well as further details about the disease itself including symptoms, causes, treatments and survival stories. See website here

Cancer Research UK Logo

If you’d like further information on how we support Cancer Research UK, Click here to find out more

Advice for carers

Advice for carers

Being a carer for someone requires time, patience, compassion and most importantly, organisation. Balancing all of this with your own life can be hard work, so it is important that you seek external help and take care of yourself to enable you to provide the best possible care. Here are some helpful tips and advice when managing such care effectively.

Advice for carers

External support

By getting in touch with your local social services you might be able to request practical help at home, help with taxi fares, counselling to deal with stress and details about local support groups for carers. These local support groups can be a good source of comfort for you as a carer. Having the support of family and friends can help you emotionally to an extent but they may not always be able to give you the empathy you need when understanding the strain of being a carer. Support groups however can do just that as well as providing you with the opportunity to open up and share your experience. There are also online forums to enable you to engage with other carers if getting to support groups is a challenge for you. We do understand that getting to groups can be difficult due to time but there are online options to offer advice and discussions that provide alternative support. Take a break and take care of yourself Don’t forget to take a break and allow time to take care of yourself and your own personal needs. You can’t expect to provide quality care to somebody else if you are not doing the same for yourself. To enable the best possible care, you need to get your rest, exercise, eat well and socialise. All the things that promote health and well-being, you need ensure you are providing a well-balanced combination of these for yourself. A couple of hours per week set aside for your own social needs can really help you to de stress, and be yourself rather than the carer you are most of the time.

Support products

Today there are lots of products and services that help to make life a lot easier for you. Caring for another person can put lots of physical strains on your body as well as emotional, so ensuring that the surroundings and environment is tailored for the needs of both you and the person you are caring for will really help your daily routine and you will rest easy knowing that there are products that will make the home safer. Getting up and down the stairs can be a great challenge in these types of situations, so a stair lift can really save lots of time and energy when going to bed or to the bathroom if upstairs. Also, bathing becomes very difficult for a carer if the bathroom is not suited to your needs. Getting a mobility bathroom installed which has been designed for easy access, for not only independent bathing but for those providing assistance to those who can’t quite manage to bath alone. Here at Mobility plus we have a practical range of wide opening shower doors and floor level access showers with seats, especially designed for those with mobility problems restricting regular shower access. We also provide half height bi-fold door options that allow carers to assist bathing from a distance. Take a look at our walk-in showersand baths range to find the most suitable option for you

Your rights as a carer

If you are a carer for a friend or relative, you have rights. Don’t overlook your own needs as well as those of the person you care for. First and foremost, you should contact your local social services department to arrange a carer’s assessment. You should think about how your caring role affects you and what things could help you to manage better. The assessor will look at the impact your caring role has on your life and whether you are receiving the support you need and are entitled to. You can get more details and information about how to arrange one on carer’s assessments on the Carers Direct website. Caring for someone whilst still working full time is difficult to say the least, but you should be aware that you do have the right to request flexible working hours to help you to manage your time as efficiently as possible for your responsibilities outside of work. You can make a request once each working year, however you should bear in mind that your employer doesn’t have to agree to it. In terms of monetary rights, you are entitled to carers allowance if you are caring for someone for more 35 hours per week and carers credit if you are caring for someone more than 20 hours per week. This helps you to not only care for someone but also to build your entitlement to your state pension. For more details on your monetary rights as a carer you should get in touch with your local authority.

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