Every now and again, it’s nice to freshen up the decor in your home. But, with the current awareness around consumption and waste, you might be hesitant to head to the shops in search of a new home accessory. Luckily, though, there are plenty of ways you can update your interiors through a bit of simple DIY.

If you’re looking to update your space, here are four great, easy upcycling interior design ideas to get you started…

Wine bottle candle holders

Let’s start simple. If you want to try out a really easy DIY that will add real sophistication to your home, a great first project to make are wine bottle candle holders. All you need to make this is a clean, empty wine bottle and a plain candlestick.

Simply place the wine bottle in hot, soapy water to remove the labels. Scrub the labels away and clean the bottle until there is no glue residue left. Now all you need to do is place the candlestick in the neck of the bottle. Place it on your dining table and see how elegant this no-brainer DIY is. It’s the perfect accessory to add atmosphere to any dinner party.

Wooden ladder storage shelves

Another interior design DIY that is relatively easy to make but has a big impact are wooden ladder storage shelves. There are various ways you can create this DIY – but all require a simple wooden ladder, which you can find in a charity shop – or you may already have one in the shed!

If you’re keeping it simple, choose a flat ladder. This can be leaned against the wall, creating a unique towel rack in your bathroom. Alternatively, a folding ladder will take up more floor space, but offers the opportunity to add shelves to store items such as toiletries and potted plants. To add a shelf, just find a piece of wood of the correct dimensions and drill it onto the steps. A ladder shelving system is great for accessible bathrooms with less floor space, as it will offer vertical storage and keep the floor clear, minimising trips and injuries.

Cork trivet

Want to impress guests with a rustic and ingenious DIY home accessory? A cork trivet is an eye-catching addition to your dinner table, and they’re also really handy for serving sharing-style dishes from the pan whilst protecting your table from heat damage.

All you have to do is collect as many corks as you need for your chosen trivet size, and then stand them upright on a protected surface. Use superglue along the lengths of the corks, and glue them together in a circular or square shape, starting at the middle and working outwards.

Rolled newspaper coasters

Want to try a DIY project that requires almost no expense and is a great way of recycling old paper? If so, you’ll love creating rolled newspaper coasters. These coasters can be colourful or monochrome depending on the paper you use and create a striking bohemian effect.

To make these coasters, simply get a sheet of newspaper and roll tightly, using a piece of spaghetti or a skewer to help you. Once it is at the end of the sheet, add some PVA glue and stick it together. Make several rolls of newspaper like this. Then, take the first one and roll it tightly into a circle. Add the end of the piece, add glue and stick down. Repeat this until you have the desired size of coaster, then glue the entire flat surface, before turning and repeating on the other side once it’s dry.

For a clearer explanation of how to make newspaper coasters, take a look at this YouTube tutorial.

So, there are just four ideas to get you started with upcycling your interior design. DIY is a great way to get your creative juices flowing, boost your mood and give you a real sense of achievement. And the new beautiful decor that is made as a result doesn’t hurt, either!

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