Maintaining our independence and comfort in bathing as we get older can pose a challenge if our mobility is reduced, which may make us lose enjoyment and confidence in bathing in our own home.

This is why we not only offer a wide range of easy access walk-in showers, walk-in baths and wet rooms, we also provide our customers with optional bathroom accessories, so you can enjoy the full use of your bathroom again.

Here’s a selection of our most popular bathroom accessories so you can personalise your mobility bathroom and bathe with confidence again.


We offer two types of shower that are easy to use and adjustable to your bathing needs. Each shower is designed with functionality, safety and luxury in mind, so your walk-in shower gives you style and comfort all in one.

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Thermostatic Mixer Shower

Thermostatic Mixer Shower

This elegant chrome mixer shower is a great addition to any modern bathroom. Flow and temperature are controlled separately which means you have accurate control of both elements with a dual control tap function.

The mixer shower is easy to operate as the dual control is operated by paddle levers, making this shower suitable for users of all abilities and bathing needs.

Check out The Richmond level access shower range to view our thermostatic mixer shower.

Electric Care Shower

electric care shower

The Electric care shower is one of the most advanced thermostatic electric showers available. The easy one touch easy-to-press start/stop button makes for simple operating. The large LED read out with clear print helps to improve visibility and legibility of the available shower settings.

However, this award winning electronic care shower also comes with a unique user-friendly remote control and safety temperature lock so you can pre-customise your bathing settings. The adjustable riser rail and long hose offer additional ease of use, and the adjustable easy clean head comes with a number of spray patterns, so you can find the best shower settings for you.

Check out The Kendal affordable walk-in shower range to view the Electric care shower.

Shower seats


At Mobility Plus, we offer four types of shower seats to accompany your mobility bathroom. A shower seat can make your bathing experience even more relaxing, since it provides you with your own spot of luxury and tranquillity.

Compact fold up shower seat with grey pad

This grey pad shower seat (pictured above) is great for bathroom areas where space is limited. Its design provides stable support and the padded seat offers real comfort. When not in use the folding shower seat neatly moves up out of the way freeing up more space around your walk-in shower.

Standard fold up shower seat with arms and back

With its fold up design, arm and back support, this versatile shower seat meets a number of individual needs. This shower seat provides much needed support for individuals who have stability or mobility issues. The strong design prompts secure independent bathing and folds up out of the way, so you can maintain a spacious and luxurious mobility bathroom.

Fold up wooden seat with support legs

This shower seat design is made from ecologically friendly rubber wood and rust-proof stainless steel which creates a very stable and durable shower seat. The profiled edges are varnished for greater comfort and the shower seat is suitable or users up to 40 stone in weight.

Free standing adjustable height shower stool

This shower seat is ideal for any active users with an unsteady balance or low stamina. The compact design is perfect to use in the shower, or at any other point throughout the home. The adjustable height settings make the stool versatile in practicality and functionality, while the simple yet durable design makes it easy to maintain and keep clean.

We are on hand to offer you more information on shower seats, and which solution is best for your bathing needs. Get in touch today or request a free brochure.

Grab rails

Grab rails are a hugely beneficial bathroom accessory to add to your walk-in shower or walk-in bath for additional safety and stability. We offer three types of grab rails, so you can find the best solution for your bathing and support needs.

Plastic fluted grab rails

Fluted surface grab rails provide additional grip and can support loads of up to 100kg. The rail is positioned 59mm away from the wall to ensure that the rail is easy to hold while also giving you space and flexibility of your body position while in use. This grab rail is made from high quality uPVC and is available in lengths of 300mm, 450mm, and 600mm.

Stainless steel grab rails

This popular type of grab rail is made from high grade stainless steel and has a polished finish for a luxurious appearance that does not compromise on durability. The stainless steel grab rails are available in lengths of 300m and 450mm with a 32mm diameter.

Contemporary stainless steel grab rails

This grab rail is similar to the stainless steel grab rail but it differs in design, offering a contemporary appearance that is the perfect safety support for any modern bathroom. This design is available in lengths of 355mm, 480mm and 620mm.

While the type of grab rail is important to the safety of your mobility bathroom, the position of the rail is just as essential. Check out our blog to learn more about grab rail positions for your mobility bathroom. If you have any questions about bathroom accessories we’re on hand to guide you through the best options for you. Get in touch today.