Part of dealing with and living with arthritis is looking after your body in every way possible. From healthy eating, low impact exercise, drinking plenty of water and getting a regular muscle stimulation therapy to taking a warm bath.

Arthritis in hands

All of these things can help you live with arthritis and make your daily routine that bit easier for you. You might be wondering ‘how can a warm walk-in bathhelp me?” Well the answer is simple. The warm temperature promotes blood flow to the affected areas and the pressure on your arthritis is alleviated because of the reduced gravity on the joints. You should take this opportunity to do some basic movements of your joints, this will help to reduce stiffness and encourage your range of movement.

To go one step further, a jet spa is said to ease the pain even more because the jets together with the warmth promotes blood circulation even more. See the Hampton Elite Hydro Spa Walk-In Bath and the Independence Elite Hydro Spa Walk-In bath

For those sufferers of arthritis, getting in and out of the bath can also be a difficult task. That’s why we’ve got a practical yet stylish range of walk-in baths that enable you to enjoy a warm soak safely and with ease. the View the all of the Mobility Plus Walk-In Baths