Arthritis-TechnologyLiving with arthritis can make day-to-day tasks, like cooking and communicating, more complicated and painful. But it doesn’t have to be the case. With simple home adjustments, you can make every day living easier.

Arthritis inflames your joints and can cause pain. It’s a common condition that can affect anyone: any gender and any age. Some of the most typical areas that arthritis occurs is in the hands, knees and spine.

Typing on your phone and reading a new book. These are common tasks that many of us take for granted. We spend hours of our time relishing in this pass time. Yet, for more than 10 million of us these common activities can leave us in unbearable pain.

It’s time to make a change. Taking control of your home technology can help you live more comfortably. Discover our essential tips to give your life the comfortable digital-makeover it deserves.

Changing Your Mobile Phone
There is often a misconception that the elderly is out of touch with technology. Yet in 2017, 39% of over 65s were using smartphones, and that number continues to rise. The device instils independence in individuals who might feel lonely or struggling to cope with an illness, like arthritis.

Having a mobile phone helps to stay in contact with the people you love and keep on top of the stories that you love. All on one piece of equipment. Yet, with technology advancing, companies are producing sleeker phones that are getting smaller and with even fewer buttons. For people with arthritis, this can be a challenge.

Yet, there are alternatives you might not be aware of. Some companies produce phones with large buttons, like the Doro 1360; lightweight phones like the LG K3; or a touch screen phone that comes with a stylus pen to ease your typing, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Switch Up Your Computer Setup
Arthritis can cause pain in your hands, which can make using the keyboard and mouse problematic. However, there are simple changes you can make for an easier, more enjoyable experience using a computer.

First, look at the positioning of your keyboard and mouse. You should keep them in close distance of you; avoid having to reach too far away.

If the distance and positioning isn’t an issue, and you’re still experiencing pain, you could try using a smaller keyboard or one with compact keys. There are also mouse alternatives: a wrist pen can help relief wrist pain, for example.

To really minimise your pain, try and restrict the amount of time you spend on the computer. Take regular breaks from the screen and exercise your hand muscles to keep the joints strong.

Start Reading Comfortably
Reading a new book can transport your mind to another place. Whether you’re discovering a new topic for the first time, delving into a mystery novel or uncovering the next destination for your family getaway, there’s a book for any occasion.

As we get older, reading can be a great way to pass time whilst exercising the brain. Living with arthritis can make a typically enjoyable experience painful. With weakened and swollen hand joints, holding a book can be tricky. Traditional paper books can be heavy to hold, and pain can incur after holding for too long. Instead, a digital alternative can be easier to hold and carry. Many come with stands, so you don’t have to hold them at all.

Get a Digital Companion
Ease your home living with a voice assisted home device. They can automate a lot of things around the house for more comfortable living. The straightforward voice technology can ease activities that would typically cause pain for someone with arthritis.

Your new digital pet, your personal butler; give the device a command, and it will instantly activate your request. Connect it to other applications or technologies for more seamless living. With a simple good morning hello, it can trigger your central heating to be set at your optimum, the main lights to illuminate and trigger an alert to remind you to take your medication

Digital can transform your day-to-day life. But just because you or someone you love is living with arthritis it doesn’t mean they should shy away from new technology or suffer in pain. Try our simple suggestions for a more convenient and comfortable living with the help of your home technologies. For more expert tips on easing life with arthritis, read our blog on exercises you can do to slow it down.