Wheel Chair in the Beach

There are so many things to consider when travelling, and for those with mobility restrictions the considerations aren’t just about money and things to do, they’re about the help you might need getting around, and the problems you might face with your daily routine. We’ve outlined the things you’ll need to consider when travelling with mobility restrictions.

1. Inform your hotel/accommodation.

It is important to let your hotel or accomodation know that you have a disability or mobility requirments. If you have informed them in good time, they will be able to make sure that you enjoy your stay in a larger room that also comprises of a mobility bathroom for your safety and comfort. If you have a wheelchair there may even be the possibility of a wet room or walk-in bath for complete ease of access.

2. Inform your airline or coach.

Most vehicles and airlines will need to be informed prior to travelling that you need space for mobility equipment and disabled access. You may also get priority seating with extra space.

3. Make sure your mobility equipment is up to scratch.

There’s nothing worse than being away from home and realising that your equipment is damaged or not performing correctly, so make sure that your wheelchair has been checked by a carer, friend or relative. Also check the sturdyness and resilience of your walking sticks and zimmer frames.

4. Pack suitable footwear and clothing. Flat, comfortable and cushioned footwear are highly recommended. Avoid packing any heels, they’re a waste of space and baggage allowance, and there’s around 1% chance you’ll actually where them. It’s best just to leave them behind.

5. Ask a reliable friend or family member to come along.

For complete peace of mind, ask a friend or relative to come along, not only to help if you need i,t but also to enjoy your time away with good company.


Last but not least, have a great time away in the sun and don’t forget a good high factor sun cream or sun block!