Wellness is most certainly the buzzword of the moment and although not all us are drawn to a high-intensity spin class with deafening house music, the health trends of 2019 are much more focused on longevity and living ‘well’.

Stress dominates our modern society and is the mediator of many chronic health complaints – from high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease to IBS and cognitive decline. So, it’s little surprise that the wellness industry is currently focusing on stress reduction techniques and therapies.

We’ve taken a look at the top wellness trends of 2019

1. Meditation
Although the practice has been around for thousands of years, meditation is having its time in the spotlight this year, and for good reason. Whether it’s practising mindfulness, mantra or transcendental forms, meditation is a simple way to reap big benefits, including a sense of calm, control and an increase in productivity. With guided meditation from Calm gaining the title of ‘App of the Year’ by Apple, people all over the globe are catching their ‘daily meds’ for 10 minutes every day.

2. Yoga
The yoga community has a strong footing in the wellness industry and with the spend on yoga products growing annually and over 300million practitioners worldwide, the trend shows no sign of slowing down.
Yoga combines physical poses (asana) with mindfulness and breathing techniques. The combination of these practices promotes strength, ease of movement, self-discovery and helps rebalance the nervous system allowing stress to fall away. In addition to these well-known benefits, new studies have also found that regular practice may help to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and manage arthritis, pain and inflammation.

3. Infrared Sauna
The experience of an infrared sauna is very different from the traditional stuffy hot boxes at the gym. These new high-tech saunas use infrared light to heat the body from the inside out, activating the bodies natural detox mechanism – sweat. As well as offering feel-good perks such as the release of endorphins, increased circulation, a relaxed mind and muscle repair – sauna research has shown benefits in relieving chronic pain from arthritis, fibromyalgia and even high blood pressure.

4. Ayurveda
Sanskrit for “knowledge of life” – the 5,000-year-old eastern holistic health system of Ayurveda is now well established in the west. It’s brought about trends such as turmeric lattes, herbal teas and Ayurvedic massage. Jasmine Hemsley aims to bring this ancient wisdom into your kitchen with her cookbook East by West, making the trend easily accessible to all.

5. Breathing Classes
Claiming to help everything from chronic pain, constipation, anxiety and insomnia, just by mastering the thing you do automatically every few seconds – it’s no wonder people all over the world are signing up for breathing classes and practising breathing exercises at home. There’s no doubt that ‘Ice Man’ Wim Hoff is at the centre of this trend, promising to increase your immune response using his patented Wim Hoff Method (WHM) boasting testimonials from celebrities and athletes alike.

6. Food Delivery Services
Convenience is king when it comes to the health and wellness trends of the future, and that’s why food delivery services are one trend that will only continue to grow. Allowing people to make great meals at home with a whole range of dietary options like all organic, vegan, gluten-free – food delivery services like Mindful Chef and Hello Fresh are making cooking healthy meals super simple.

7. Sound Healing
Sound bathing goes as far back as the times of the Ancient Greeks who used sound frequencies as a form of medicine to treat a multitude of ailments. It includes using Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, gongs, biosonic tuning forks, shamanic drumming to produce sound waves which are said to calm the nervous system and balance the energy within the body.

8. Floatation Tanks
Floatation pods offer a therapy where you float effortlessly in a special pod of Epsom Salt water. Without the constant noise of sensory inputs from the world around you, your body lowers its levels of cortisol (which is the main chemical component of stress) and your brain releases elevated levels of endorphins. Float centres are found up and down the country, but if you want a quick fix, a weekly Epsom salt bath may hit the spot.

9. CBD Oil
Among common CBD benefits, natural pain relief tops the list with evidence pointing to pain modulation through inhibiting certain neural pathways. It has also been studied in the use of reducing anxiety, helping to fight cancer, relieving nausea and supporting heart health. The trend has boomed this year with companies offering everything from CBD chocolate to fizzy drinks.

10. Sleep
Long gone are the days when people boasted, “I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” The competition to see who can work the longest hours and survive off the least sleep is no longer what the ‘cool kids’ are doing – and for good reason. Evidence links poor sleep to cancer, diabetes, obesity Alzheimer’s disease and poor mental health. In fact Dr Matthew Walker, author of the bestselling book ‘Why We Sleep’ reports: the shorter your sleep, the shorter your life. Worldwide people are protecting their precious 8 hours using gadgets like sunset alarm clocks and listening to sleep story podcasts.

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