Whilst many people focus on keeping those news year’s resolutions some of us more practical people have chosen to focus on home improvements and generally making life easier in the home, and what better time to consider the practicalities of your bathroom than at the start of a brand new year. Forget about New Year, New You. It’s all about New Year, new bathroom!

Wet room

Our bathrooms are the most used rooms in our homes and yet very rarely do we consider the needs of the whole family. The key here is ensuring that the bathroom is future proof, and this means making sure that the room and its features are suitable for all ages and abilities, from toddler to the elderly as well as disabled people.

In Britain we have an increasing elderly population that is set to increase rapidly over the coming years so with that in mind, it would be a smart investment to ensure that your bathroom is fully future proof to cater for all generations. Consider adaptable and practical mobility solutions for your bathrooms such as hand rails, level access flooring, wide opening doors or even fold down shower seats. You could also consider easy-access baths which comprise of water tight doors that enable the user to walk in and out of the bath with ease without raising the leg too high. All of these features provide easy-access solutions and make life that bit easier in the bathroom.

Everybody wants to remain independent for as long as they can, especially when comes to matters of the bathroom, so for those with more severe mobility restrictions, you might want to consider a walk-in wet room shower if you have the space available. This allows for wheel chair access if necessary which is ideal for those with walking disabilities. In addition, if assisted bathing is required with the help of a carer or family member, you could also consider the option of a bi-fold shower door which provides the option of assisted bathing whilst keeping all of the water inside the shower cubicle and therefore minimising the risk of a messy bathroom. These practical features in conjunction with modern tiling and sleek fixtures and fittings makes your bathroom appropriate for all ages.

So if your new year’s resolution was to be more practical and to invest in the future then invest in your bathroom by making it future proof for the whole family for years to come.