Unfortunately age is inevitable and the older our parents get the more likely they are to require care, if they already need care then it’s safe to say that they could require more of it as they age. Caring for an elderly parent can often be very difficult and stressful but it’s important to remain positive and remember the reason why you’re caring for them.

Nonetheless, there are some tips and tricks which you can implement in order to keep your life stress-free and to provide them the best care possible.

Remember to Stay Organised

This is a very broad term, but it’s crucial that you stay organised throughout the time you are caring for you parents. This could include taking care of the groceries, keeping track of finances, monitoring medication, and making sure that someone is around in the event of an accident or injury.

Luckily there are many tools which can help us with this task; we have online shopping now and many grocery stores allow us to shop online and save a list of the foods we last ordered, this pretty much takes all the pain out of shopping; there are also many to-do list apps which we can utilise in order to stay organised with the rest of our tasks.

In addition to this, you could come up with a routine if your parents are taking medication or have medical appointments etc. Keep a weekly calendar for the appointments so you stay on track and know exactly when they are. In terms of medication, you could come up with some sort of system to ensure that the correct amount has been taken; you could keep notes on this or flip the medication bottle whenever a pill has been taken (make markings on the top and bottom).

Maintain Their Well-Being

Above all, the well-being of your elderly parents should be a top priority. This means making sure that their diet is healthy, they are exercising as much as they can, taking medication if necessary and just having a stress-free and healthy life in general.

As a carer you should make it a priority to give your parents the care that they need but this can be difficult at times; don’t hesitate to get additional aid from a professional carer or a family friend if the job is proving to be too difficult for you, it is completely understandable.

It might be beneficial to call for some extra help around the home, for example you could hire a cleaner once a week, or even a gardener. Just try to limit the trivial tasks and focus your time on caring for your parents.


In conclusion, there are numerous steps you can take in order to provide the best caring experience to your elderly parents. However it is unreasonable to expect you to take care of them full-time which is why you shouldn’t hesitate to ask for additional help from a professional or a family friend if you have to. Put their well-being first and do what you can to provide them with a comfortable lifestyle.