Self-care has never been more important. It’s crucial to make time for yourself and to do things that will help you unwind.

Having a bath is that time in your day to switch off from the outside world, disconnect from your working day and have the quality time that you deserve.

Running the perfect bath is something you can easily master to make your evenings (or mornings) more relaxing than ever.

If you’re full of questions about bath time or looking for some tips to maximise your experience, here is our step by step guide on how to run the perfect bath.


1. Setting the mood in the bathroom

Creating the perfect bath isn’t just about what goes in the bath, it’s how you set the ambience around you.

Relaxation is all about energy and feeling relaxed physically and mentally, that by setting a chill mood, it’ll help aid you into the ultimate relaxation experience.

Start by dimming the lighting (if your bathroom has that feature) or instead lighting a few candles to minimise the brightness of the day and trick your brain into a bedtime mindset.

Then, if you’re feeling fancy, scatter some rose petals and spritz some calming spray into the air. It’ll add to the overall effect of the room.


2. Getting the water temperature just right

Some people love a piping hot bath, others prefer it colder but for the best bath, warm water is the way forward.

If the water is too hot, it can lead to sweating, feeling uncomfortable and drying the skin out.

Whereas, although cold water does have its benefits including stimulating the immune system, promoting good blood circulation and helping calm dry and itchy skin, it’s not the best way to relax.

We’d recommend a running a warm bath – warm water is different for everyone so the best way to test it is the old school trick for babies: dip your elbow in the bath and if you feel that the temperature is comfortable and not making you flinch, it’s ready.


3. Adding in relaxing bath products

The world of bath products has blown up in recent years, with many things to choose from including bath bombs, bath salts and bath oils – that it can be hard to know where to start.

The first thing we’d suggest is to throw in a scoop of epsom salts. Epsom offers a whole range of benefits including reducing inflammation and relieving joint pain.

As the salts are your base, the next fun step is to add in bubbles. It can’t be a bath without bubbles, right?

For the ultimate bubble experience, run the bubble bath under a running tap as they’ll lather up rather nicely.

Then, it’s onto oil. You can either opt for a bath oil or an essential oil. Essential oils such as lavender are a brilliant way to add a subtle scent to your bath and depending on the oil, have a positive effect on the calm feel of the bath.

Lavender in particular is great for putting you in a sleepy mood but chamomile and rose are great options too.

Bath oils have a similar experience to essential oils, however, are a better option if you’d like an hydration effect on the skin, especially as hot water can dehydrate the skin.


4. Utilising your luxury skincare

Bath time is ideal to jump into your basket of skincare and the products you don’t use often enough.

It’ll not only increase the spa experience but do wonders for your calm state of mind. We’d suggest popping on a face mask, whichever kind you prefer for 10 minutes or so and then washing it off with a warm hot cloth.

Not only will it be relaxing, but a blessing to your pores.


5. Using a comfy bath pillow

Lying down in a bath isn’t exactly the most comfortable thing, however, with a bath pillow, your comfort levels will go up 100%.

If you don’t have a pillow to hand, you can always roll up a towel and lie on it to give your neck the support it needs.


6. Preparing relaxing activities

Baths can vary in length in time for everyone, some love a quick dip, whereas others can be in there for hours.

If you’re a longer kind of bather, then activities are an essential part of your bath routine.

Whether it’s reading a book, putting on some chill music, listening to a podcast or bringing your laptop in and watching your favourite TV show, there are many ways to keep entertained whilst relaxing.


7. Switching off all distractions

Taking a bath is your time and that means getting rid of all distractions.

Leave your phone in your bedroom and switch off anything that’ll sway you away from feeling any ounce of relaxation.

If you live with your partner or have kids, let them know not to distract you or prepare something to keep them entertained whilst you bathe.


8. Preparing drinks and snacks

To step up the ultimate bath, drinks and snacks are a great addition.

Pour your favourite glass of wine and bring along a bar of your favourite chocolate for pure indulgence. It’s your time after all.


9. Laying out comfy clothes for afterwards

Once you step out of the bath, the warm sensation can leave you quite quick so it’s always best to lay out comfy clothes.

This could be your favourite pyjamas, a dressing gown and fluffy socks, to maintain the level of joy across your skin.


10. Continuing the relaxation in your day

Relaxation shouldn’t stop when you step out of the bath. Once you’re in that mindset, it’s important to stay there so you’re able to unwind and go to sleep easily.

We would suggest having a slow evening after your bath, slathering your skin in moisturiser, dipping into a good book and journaling away before your head hits the pillow.

Running a great bath couldn’t be easier and is a luxury we all deserve once in a while. If you’re looking for walk-in baths and walk-in showers, take a look at our range online today.