For many of our customers, we hear lots of concerns about health, mobility and general lifestyle changes that have made day to day activities more difficult. We want to help in every way that we can, whether it is to help you with your personal care and bathing needs or simply offering some hints and tips on how to minimise the effects of the issues that you face daily.

1. Look after your health

It’s not all about going to the gym and eating salads. There are many other and often gentler ways to look after your overall health like getting more sleep, moving around more like going for a walk every day, eat less sugary and fatty foods, drink less alcohol to name a few. And it’s not just about weight loss in aiding mobility but giving your joints more flexibility and the right nutrients will help improve your overall mobility and help to make getting in and out of the shower that bit easier for you.

2. Cut out the stress

Part of being healthy is also being stress free. We’ve provided lots of help and suggestions in previous blog posts regarding alleviating negative emotions such as stress and loneliness, and as previously stated, taking up hobbies and opening up to friends and relatives can be a huge release on stressful emotions and thoughts. You should take time for yourself to do the things that you enjoy in life and relax and unwind by taking a warm bath. For those with severe mobility restrictions our Hampton Elite hydro and chromo therapy spa is perfect for transporting you to a tranquil spa deep in the countryside with only the sound of relaxation around you. Click here to learn more.

3. Finally get around to those home improvements

Not only is good to feel content in your surroundings at home but it also good to keep your home safe to reduce risk, stress and allow to keep some independence. Things like hand rails, stair lifts, adjustable chairs and beds and mobility walk in showers and baths can be a huge improvement to your daily routine. The wide opening doors, low level access and shower seats can make bathing a much more pleasurable experience.

4. Familiarise yourself with the mobile

Lastly, there’s always room to grow and learn, as you will be aware, mobile technology is growing and growing therefore learning how these things can benefit your life can help you enormously. You can browse the web, download helpful applications and even read the news straight from your mobile device. So in 2015, do some research, ask for help and try using mobile technology to see how it can change your life. Don’t be afraid to learn.

And most importantly, be happy!

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