It’s time for a shower upgrade, but what should you choose? It seems there are endless options – power showers, electric, digital, and that’s not to mention the type of shower enclosure. Do you choose a quadrant enclosure, stable door shower or wet room? And, most importantly, do they suit your mobility needs?

In this article, we take you through the different types of showers and shower enclosures, including key features and benefits. You’ll walk away informed and knowledgeable about the best shower to buy for yourself and your loved ones.

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Different types of shower enclosures

A shower enclosure (also known as a shower cubicle) is the space you stand inside while you shower.

When looking into shower enclosures, a solid starting point is the space in your bathroom and accessibility needs. And let’s not forget the style. You want to like your shower and enjoy using it. Read on for the top shower enclosures.

Quadrant shower enclosure

A quadrant shower has two straight edges and a curved screen that slots neatly into corners. They are ideal for small areas or a bathroom with an odd layout.

A quadrant shower is a walk-in shower, which means you don’t have to step into a bathtub or encounter the barrier of a high shower tray. It’s an excellent option if you have limited mobility and need some elbow room to move around.

The Richmond Quadrant Enclosure is designed to fit seamlessly into corners and awkward areas of the bathroom.

Its sliding screen door has a low-entry, slip-resistant shower tray. Magnetic seals ensure there’s no leaky sealant or shower spray on your bathroom floor. With a minimal and sleek aluminium frame and a chrome finish, you can appreciate the pleasure of accessibility and style all in one.

Benefits of a quadrant shower enclosure

  • Space-saving corner design
  • Excellent access
  • Stylish and simple
  • Comes with integrated grab rails and a shower seat
  • Ideal for small areas or awkward-shaped bathrooms

Offset quadrant shower

An offset quadrant shower is similar to a standard quadrant shower, except it has one extended side and fits best into wider corners. The longer side creates additional space, which is excellent if you need more room to move. It’s another type of walk-in shower, making showering safe and easy.

Our Richmond Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure comes in custom sizes to fit perfectly into your bathroom. The seamlessly sliding, curved doors open and close on rollers, so there is no need to tug or struggle to get in and out. The low, slip-proof shower tray eliminates the worry of tripping and is easy on the joints.

The Mobility Plus Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure also has a comfortable folding seat and grab rails to increase independent showering.

Benefits of an offset shower

 Space-saving corner design

  • Slip-resistant shower tray and trip-free access
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Accessibility-friendly
  • Extra space for manoeuvring

Wet rooms

Wet rooms don’t have a self-contained shower. Instead, the shower is flush to the floor rather than inside a cubicle with a shower tray. The entire room is water-proof, with a sloping floor for effective draining. They are helpful for people with limited mobility or wheelchair users.

Our stylish wetrooms are suitable for almost any bathroom space and don’t have the barrier of a shower tray. They are ideal for a sleek, contemporary look and appropriate for everyone, whether you have mobility issues or not.

Benefits of a wet room

  •  Perfect for wheelchair users
  • Suitable for most bathrooms
  • Adaptable for all mobility types
  • Stylish and modern

Stable door shower enclosure

A stable door shower has a split screen so the top half can open. The feature makes it convenient for a carer to provide support when showering, which is perfect for assisted living. The screen can also be returned to its full height to accommodate others who shower independently.

Stable door showers are best for larger bathrooms as they have a straight-edged, cube design. This generally requires more space than curved doors on quadrant showers.

Our walk-in Coniston Stable Door Shower Enclosure has a stylish brushed satin finish and comes in full and half-height panels. You can choose from clear or frosted glazing and add shower curtains for privacy, and it has the benefit of a low-level shower tray.

Benefits of a stable door shower enclosure

  • Customisable for your accessibility needs
  • Perfect for assisted showering
  • Long-lasting with a thick frame
  • Modern and stylish

Types of showers

Once you’ve chosen your shower enclosure, it’s essential to pick a shower that suits you. When choosing, consider your boiler, water pressure and the installation process. But ultimately, the best shower to buy is one that suits you and your accessibility needs.

Digital shower

Digital showers use innovative technology to control the start, stop and temperature of the shower. It combines hot and cold water in the shower valve for the ultimate showering experience.

Digital showers allow you to control your shower with just the touch of a button. The cutting-edge technology uses an optional wireless remote to start and stop the shower, change the water temperature and adjust the shower spray. Digital showers work well with any type of shower enclosure as they enhance accessibility needs.

Best for:

  • Combi boilers
  • Anyone who struggles with bending down or reaching up
  • Technology lovers
  • Carers to assist with showering
  • Setting the water to a precise temperature
  • All types of shower enclosures

Power showers

Power showers mix hot and cold water for the optimal temperature. They use a shower pump to increase water pressure, ensuring a pleasant showering experience. They are great if you have low water pressure and complement the modern design of a quadrant shower enclosure. Wet rooms also work wonderfully with power showers for a lavish experience.

Best for:

  • Combi boiler
  • Low water pressure
  • Levelling up your showering experience
  • Quadrant enclosures and wet rooms

Electric shower

Electric showers use electricity to heat water with a hot water cylinder. Instead of relying on a hot water tank, it uses cold water, which is good news if you frequently find your hot water running out. Electric showers work well with stable door shower enclosures as the pressure isn’t too high.

Best for: Gentle water pressure

  • Hot water tanks that quickly run out
  • Modern houses or new builds
  • Lowering water wastage
  • Stable door shower enclosures

 Electric vs power shower

 Whether you choose an electric shower or power shower depends on your personal preference. Electric showers use less water and have an independent heating element to warm your water supply, but they can be low-pressure.

Power showers increase water pressure for better water flow, creating a spa-like showering experience. However, they use more water and may feel too harsh on sensitive skin.

Mixer shower

Mixer showers combine hot and cold water and can be used with most boilers. However, they won’t increase pressure, so they may be unsuitable if you have low water pressure. An electric shower or shower mixer is generally good for homes with decent water pressure and a budget-friendly option. Mixer showers are great for quadrant and stable-door shower enclosures.

Best for:

 Already good water pressure

  • Combi boilers
  • Quadrant and stable door shower enclosures

Choose the perfect type of shower with Mobility Plus

Our extensive range of showers is sure to accommodate your accessibility needs. Choose a contemporary chrome finish, elegantly curved door or accessible half-height screen. With low-level, slip-resistant shower trays, integrated grab rails and shower seats for safety and comfort, you’re sure to find the perfect shower with Mobility Plus.