Rheumatoid arthritis can reduce your independence and leave you in pain without much relief. But you don’t have to suffer in silence. In this article, we share rheumatoid arthritis aids that you can install and portable items so you can enjoy the outdoors pain-free.

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  1. What is rheumatoid arthritis?
  2. Bathroom rheumatoid arthritis mobility aids
  3. Living room rheumatoid arthritis aids
  4. Outdoor & portable aids for rheumatoid arthritis
  5. Car rheumatoid arthritis aids
  6. Shopping aids for rheumatoid arthritis

What is rheumatoid arthritis?

Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack, instead of protect, cells in your joints. The condition usually starts in smaller joints, such as the fingers, toes and wrists, making them swollen and rigid. However, over time, it can extend to knee joints, elbows and other areas of the body.

Bathroom rheumatoid arthritis mobility aids

Simple bathroom visits can cause extreme pain if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis. Lowering yourself into the bathtub puts pressure on your joints, and standing in the shower can trigger aches and inflammation.

The good news is that bath aids for arthritis make washing a pleasant and comfortable experience. You can choose anything from mobility-friendly baths and showers to quick, budget-friendly installations.

Walk-in baths

Walk-in baths have wide, floor-level doors that create a watertight seal when closed. Instead of lifting yourself over the side of the tub, you can simply step in and sit down. This reduces pressure on the knees and decreases your risk of slipping.

Walk-in showers and wet rooms

Many showers are inside bathtubs or have a high step that requires you to awkwardly lift your knees. Walk-in showers and wet rooms are flush to the floor, so all you have to do is enter the room or open the shower door and step inside.

These types of showers often have digital remotes that allow you to switch on the water without turning a shower handle. It’s an additional handy feature that prevents you from unnecessarily aggravating finger joints and wrists.

Shower seats and stools

Standing can irritate your joints and make showering uncomfortable. However, shower seats and stools are a simple solution. They fit into the corners of showers, so you can sit down while washing for a pleasant showering experience.

Shower seats and stools can be freestanding, or you can install fold-down shower seats for a compact solution.

Living room rheumatoid arthritis aids

Relaxing in the living room is tough with rheumatoid arthritis. You sit down to ease the pressure on your joints, but all too soon, you need the toilet or another cup of tea. And getting off the sofa takes a few, usually painful, attempts. However, there are living room adaptive aids for arthritis to support your joints and help you unwind at home.

Recliner seats

Reclining seats are ideal for relieving joints when you sit or stand. They also provide back support to cushion your spine and armrests to relieve strain on the elbows.

Riser Recliners have a built-in riser mechanism to assist in sitting and standing. The chair gently rises and lowers using a remote to help you get up and down with ease. The adjustable backrest with luxurious cushioning takes pressure off your spine, and padded armrests support your elbows and wrists.

The convenient side pockets can store living room essentials, such as books, magazines, and TV remotes. It also has an inbuilt cup holder, so you don’t have to reach across a table every time you need a drink. If that wasn’t enough, our Riser Recliners have a heat and massage function to gently relax your muscles and soothe aching joints.

Grab rails

Grab rails are arthritis hand aids that help you balance and reduce the risk of falling. They’re easy to install and provide support in the bathroom, which is particularly important for slippery surfaces.

Install permanent rails in bathtubs or on shower walls to reduce joint strain and make transitions easy. Alternatively, try suction grab rails, which you take with you when visiting others.

Outdoor & portable aids for rheumatoid arthritis

It’s tempting to stay indoors when you have mobility issues, especially when something as simple as walking triggers pain. But never leaving your house can decrease socialisation and prevent you from doing essential tasks or your favourite hobbies. So, here are our top mobility picks for helping you leave your home comfortably with rheumatoid arthritis.

Rollators and mobility walkers

Rollators and mobility walkers provide support while walking, easing joint strain and improving balance.

Rollators and Mobility Walkers are made with lightweight aluminium frames so you can enjoy your outdoor walks. The thick rubber wheels help you glide over flat surfaces and are shock-absorbent, minimising bumps on challenging terrain. The adjustable handles and non-slip handle grips are ideal for easing sore joints, and the brakes provide additional stability and safety.

The ingenious designs of our walkers make them simple to fold. Keep one in your car, fold it up if you stop for a coffee or tuck it away when you get back home.

Walking stick

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of support to relieve your joints when you’re out and about. A sturdy walking stick with a smooth, broad handle is ideal for sore knuckles and wrists. Ensure you choose a stick with a rubber grip to prevent slipping and improve balance.

If you want to switch to a wheelchair, you can store your stick in our Wheelchair Walking Stick Holder. The convenient design clips onto your chair so you can carry it without inconvenience.

Car rheumatoid arthritis aids

Driving can become challenging as arthritis progresses, which is why we’ve included car essentials to ease joint stiffness and pain.

Car boosts

Taking an arthritis aid in the car, such as a mobility scooter, can be vital. But getting it into the boot is challenging when there is no one to help.

The Portable Car Boot Hoist is designed to lift your powerchair or scooter smoothly into the car boot. The hand controller allows you to raise the platform and holds up to 50kg in weight, with added straps for stability. Compact and lightweight, you can keep the hoist in your car boot for everyday use.

Car door support handles

Lifting yourself up and down from the sofa is an arduous task when you have arthritis. The same goes for getting in and out of the car.

Car door support handles hook onto the car door. They help you get out of the car seat and stabilise your body when lowering yourself down. The handles will ease any unnecessary strain on your joints, particularly the knees, when transitioning to and from vehicles.

Extended seat belts

Reaching around for your seatbelt can feel impossible with limited mobility in your shoulders and hips. Extended seat belts provide extra room so you can smoothly pull and clip your seatbelt, preventing pressure and strain.

Shopping aids for rheumatoid arthritis

Going shopping may seem simple for most people. But when you have inflamed joints, it can become tiring and difficult. Below are the best shopping mobility aids for rheumatoid arthritis.

Mobility scooters

Mobility scooters are a great way to visit friends and leave the house without worrying about joint pain. They are particularly helpful if you are out for long periods or if you’re generally feeling tired and sore.

Mobility Scooters have a sleek design and are ideal for trips out. The in-built suspension ensures a smooth ride over bumpy terrain, and the robust, anti-friction tyres ensure puncture-free travel. The easy-to-use speed dial allows you to tailor your speed to your surroundings so you can relax in comfort and style, making shopping simple.

Storage baskets

When you’re shopping, you need a place to store your items. That can include anything from groceries, rucksacks, or additional space to carry mobility aids. Our Detachable Rear Storage Basket hooks onto the back of your manual or electric wheelchair for more storage without putting pressure on your joints.

Hand grabbers

Picking items from the shelves requires grip and movement, which can cause extra swelling and stiffness in your finger joints. Hand grabbers, with simple-to-use levers and cushioned handles, take the pressure off. They are particularly useful for mobility scooters, as they allow you to reach for items without getting up and down.