Wet rooms are simple and stylish parts of any bathroom. They’re also ideal for users with limited mobility. Why’s that? Because they’ve zero steps, doors, or awkwardly positioned showerheads to worry about.

But what is a wet room, exactly? Simply put – they’re waterproofed, open-planned spaces with drains flush with the floor. In contrast, shower rooms typically feature an elevated floor tray and numerous glass partitions.

Looking for inspiration? You’re in the right place. This page is awash with beautiful wet room ideas, suitable for every taste, budget, and disability needs. We’ve also included example images from Pinterest for an extra splash of inspiration.

Now, let’s get started…

  1. Decorative tiling ideas
  2. Wet room flooring ideas
  3. Using contrasting materials
  4. Disabled wet room ideas
  5. Different seating styles
  6. Small wet room ideas
  7. Wet room heating solutions
  8. Vintage style wet room ideas
  9. Well-positioned toilet and basin
  10. Budget-friendly wet room ideas
  11. Spa-like wet room ideas
  12. Wet rooms using light
  13. Various shower fittings
  14. Creative and useful drainage solutions
  15. Partition styles
  16. Clever storage ideas
  17. Using plants
  18. FAQs

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Decorative tiling ideas

Tiles or easy-clean wallboards are vital to the wet room. In fact, we’d say that no list of wet room ideas is complete without them being mentioned. That’s why we’ve picked out three suggestions, differing in texture, colouring, and pattern.

1.victorian wet room tile idea

Original owner: RusticoTile

This beautiful, Victorian wet room makes a splash with its feature wall, offsetting the white tiling with its glorious, turquoise patterns. It’s nothing if not easy on the eye.

2.bright tile wet room

Original owner: Verona Group

This bright, sparkly, constellation of tiles offers a variety of patterns and textures – turning your washing routine into an astronomically pleasant experience. The clever use of white grout gives that striking, star-like effect. Bravo.

3.minimalist wet room

Original owner: Drench.co.uk

Looking for minimalist wet room ideas? Then this tiling job is for you. It’s two patterns with one colour. In our expert eyes, it’s a classic.

Wet room flooring ideas

No matter your geographical location, this terracotta-tiling would transport you directly to your favourite Mediterranean holiday. It’s simply beautiful. And contrasted against white micro cement walls and golden pipes? That’s amore.

4.micro cement style wet room

Original photo by: Mike Pilkington

Using contrasting materials

Why should tile designs get all the contrasting fun? You can also play with the materials themselves. Slate, wood, and glass contrast in the wet room below, creating one of the most contemporary wet room ideas on our list.


Original owner: JIS Sussex

Disabled wet room ideas

Wet rooms are ideal for shower-lovers with limited mobility. With no steps or doors, they’re easily accessible and require very little maintenance. In this section, we’ve selected a wide range of disabled wet room ideas to get you thinking about bathrooms and how mobility is an important factor that should be considered.


Original owner: VictoriaPlum

This wet room has it all: contrasting materials, spectacular tile designs, folding seats, and a selection of handrails for extra support. As far as disabled wet room ideas go, this one ticks every box.

7.spacious white wet room

Original owner: Altro.com

Spacious, stylish – this wet room uses whitespace and natural light to great effect, with subtle, silver handrails matching the shower piping. It even features a raised toilet seat for added comfort. To learn more about the benefits of raised toilets as you age, please read our helpful guide on this subject.

8.Wet room with stone flooring

Original owner: AJT Showers

With its natural stone flooring – one of the most slip-resistant materials – this wet room is safe and stylish in equal measure. That’s not to mention the raised toilet seat and floating basin, ideal for wheelchair users. Psst: other non-slip surfaces include ceramic tiles, non-slip vinyl, and cork.


Original owner: MotionSpot

Overhead lighting combines with dark tiling to create a cinematic atmosphere, with built-in. This particular disabled wet room idea covers the basics, but to an excellent standard.

Different seating styles

From built-in benches to heated seats, you’ve plenty of choice when it comes to resting those legs. The best bit? Wet room seating can be enjoyed by all ages and mobilities. Below, we’ve picked out some sumptuous seating arrangements.

10.cement built in seat wet room

Original owner: Tadelakt London

Discreet in design, this built-in bench uses a triangular shape to save space, while looking easy on the eye. Given its size, it’s not really for sharing, but this wet room would be your happy place, so who cares?


Original owner: Rob O’Danie

The wooden seat oozes natural, rainforest vibes – especially when paired with that rainfall showerhead. Though technically a walk-in shower, this is still one of our favourite designs. , You also have contrasting materials here, which we love.


Pexels: Curtis Adams

You can build a seat into your wet room by simply adding a ledge beneath the shower head. This is simple, stylish and effective.


Original owner: BankHouse

Despite the tiling, the first thing catching your eye is the seat. It’s humble, comfortable, and looks great. Best of all, you have the flexibility to move it to wherever you please.

Small wet room ideas

Wet rooms are only for big bathrooms, right? Wrong! You can easily turn your loft or ensuite into a cosy wet room – simply by fixing a showerhead to the ceiling. Of course, you can be more adventurous than that, as you’ll see further down the page.

When it comes to wet room conversions, you just need to know how to make the most of your limited layout. But don’t worry, that’s why we’re here. We’ve got some space-saving, small wet room ideas for you right here.


Original photo: Anthony Masterson

Lofts lend themselves nicely to small wet rooms. Why? Because they’re snug areas already. As the example above shows, these particular rooms typically come with toilet-height walls, slanted ceilings for natural light, and a corner wall – where you can easily fit a showering space.


Original owner: Emily Followill

Take your toilet. Waterproof the tiling. Install a showerhead. Hey presto! You’ve a small wet room. We particularly love the white tiles here, and their ability to ‘enlarge’ the space.


Original owner: Jean Allsopp

This attic-style wet room feels larger than it is, thanks to the natural light, well-positioned mirrors, and the light within the shower area. this small wet room idea shows you only need a few strategically-placed features to create a winner.

Wet room heating solutions

We’ve already touched upon heated seating, but you can do so much more than that. Loved by humans and cats alike, underfloor heating can help soothe achy legs on those frosty mornings. Bliss.

What’s more, it’s important that you put your radiator in the right position – it should be at least one metre from the shower to prevent soapy splashes spoiling the paint. Or, you could install a large heated towel rail in lieu of your radiator.


iStock: Gamespirit

This is one of our favourite heating-related wet room idea. The ceiling-high radiator adds height to the room, and it’s safely tucked away from the splash area – it ticks all boxes. Tie that in with underfloor heating, and you’ve got one cosy wet room.

Vintage style wet room ideas

Think ‘wet room’ and what normally comes to mind is minimal and modern. But, at Mobility Plus, we love bathrooms from all eras, for all ages. Vintage wet rooms are timeless and – when done well – they’re irresistible. So, we’ve picked out some beautifully vintage wet room ideas below.


Original owner: Michael Sinclair

The octagonal mirror, curtained basin, wooden beams, copper piping – these features turn this farmhouse wet room into a stunning time capsule. The glass partition adds a 21st Century splash, but the room as a whole retains a vintage feel.


iStock: Sergeyryzhov

This time, you’ve got vintage features designed for the modern day. The taps showerhead are the perfect blend of contemporary and classic, while the dark blue paint and white features combine to create a sumptuous space.

Well-positioned toilet and basin

Ideally, your wet room’s toilet and basin should be close together. That way, you can wash and refresh quickly and easily, with minimal risk of slipping – ideal for wheelchair users or those with limited mobility. It also looks neat, tidy, and compact. Check out the example below to see what we mean…

20.Narrow wet room ideas

Original owner: Buchanan Bathrooms

Budget-friendly wet room ideas

Tight budget? No problem. You can build a beautiful wet room without splashing the cash. Picking the right features is key. That is, choosing the most cost-effective tiling, drains, partition, and showerhead.

Typically, the most affordable tiles are:

  • Porcelain/ceramic
  • Standard vinyl
  • Concrete
  • Luxury vinyl

Most wet rooms are open-plan and have no partitions. That said, it would be more budget-friendly to use a single pane of glass as your partition, rather than build an entire wall. For some inspiration, see the wet room idea below.


Pexels: Anna Tarazevi

Spa-like wet room ideas

Wet rooms are luxurious. However, Spa-themed wet rooms offer unrivalled levels of comfort, with multiple showerheads, steam features, and comfortable seating on which you can while (and wash) away entire evenings.

Naturally, spa-like wet rooms are not budget-friendly. They’ll cost a pretty penny. But can you really put a price on that kind of experience? Check out our example below to see those spa features in action.


Original owner: Mark Lohman

Wet rooms using light

Artificial? Natural? Whichever your poison, we believe lighting is an essential part of any aesthetically-pleasing wet room. Now, lofts are ideal spaces for natural light lovers. That’s because rooftop windows don’t typically need frosting, which allows even more sunlight to beam through.

It’s no attic, but our example wet room below features both artificial and natural light options. The tall, frosted, ceiling-height window carries sunny rays during the day, offering a lovely, natural experience. Then, as night falls, this wet room’s two ceiling lights bathe the room in calming hues. It’s the perfect lighting combo.


Original owner: Laura Moss

Various shower fittings

Love showers or shower pods? Got the budget? Then treat yourself to numerous showerheads – we won’t judge. With multiple fittings and a digital shower to operate them, you’ve got a shower for every mood. You can jet wash your senses on Monday morning, then rest under rainfall come Friday evening.

The wet room idea below has more shower fittings than you could shake a stick at. And we love it.


Original owner: John Granen

Creative and useful drainage solutions

Using your budget on the drain? It might sound like you’re throwing your money down there. We disagree. Creative, unique drains can turn your basic wet room into a showpiece, offering both logistical and eye-catching purposes.

For instance, you can position it as the wet room floor’s centrepiece, or use it to gather water into one corner to make your maintenance even easier.

Below, you’ll find one of the more uniquely designed wet room ideas on our list, particularly where drainage is concerned. It’s simply two lines running along the bath, providing a stylish, symmetrical shape. Simple, yet brilliant.


Original owner: Werner Straube

Partition styles

Partitions are the wet room peacekeepers. They protect your carpet, artwork, and toilet-users from unwanted soapy splashes, removing the need for mopping up, or bickering with soaked loved ones. They also afford privacy, of course.

The most popular styles of partition are clear glass, frosted glass, and walls built into the bathroom layout. The example below uses the latter, using an almost-ceiling height wall partition to add privacy without taking too much natural light away from the shower area.


Original owner: Ellie Lillstrom

Clever storage ideas

As you now know, partitions keep the peace. But you can also use them to keep your things. Literally. As the wet room idea below shows, you can turn your partition into a linen cupboard, laundry bin, or generic storage space. That’s multiple birds, one stone.

Clever storage ideas such as this are ideal for small wet rooms, maximising space and freeing up storage elsewhere in your house.


Original owner: Brie Williams

Using plants

Plants in a bathroom bring many benefits. We all know that. But adding them to your wet room can transform your steamy shower into a real-life, beautiful jungle. You just need to use plants that enjoy the humidity.

The best plants for wet rooms include:

  • Calathea
  • Spider plant
  • Peace Lily
  • Pitcher Plant
  • Heartleaf Philodendron

Below is one our greenest wet room ideas. It’s surely one of the best places to wash away your green fingers, with multiple plants adding not only colour, but a sense of nature. With the skylight bringing natural rays, you can imagine closing your eyes and taking yourself to a rainforest waterfall.


Unsplash: Curology

We’ve shown you 28 breathtaking wet room ideas, ranging from the beautiful and budget-friendly to the extravagant and lavish. Now, whatever your taste, budget, or range of mobility, you should now feel inspired to find the perfect wet room for your home.

That’s where Mobility Plus can help. We’re wet rooms experts, offering bespoke bathrooms suited to your exact needs. Our job is to help you bathe with confidence and independence – in a wet room you love to call your own.


Can you make a wet room in a small bathroom?

Yes, absolutely. If there’s space to stand up, you can turn the smallest bathroom into a beautiful wet room. You just need to waterproof the floor and walls, then install a shower with or without a partition – that just depends on your budget or taste.

What size should a wet room be?

With wet rooms, there’s no one-size-fits all. You can turn any-sized bathroom into a wet room, as long as there’s room to stand and wash. That said, the most popular size is 1200 x 900 mm.

What are the best disabled wet room ideas?

Wet rooms designed specifically for disabled users will feature handrails, seating, and non-slip flooring. You can also install lifted high-raise toilet seats for extra comfort, and floating basins – ideal for wheelchair users.