what is a wet room?

Wet rooms are a stylish, sleek option to a walk-in shower, they are fuss and clutter free and have a certain “Feng Shui” feel about them.

Despite their high-end look, a wet room can be installed on a budget and you don’t have to have an exceptionally large bathroom either.

There are wet room solutions available here at Mobility Plus that are cost effective, space saving and still stylish. Have a look at our beautiful range and view our wet rooms for small bathrooms, or see which option is best suited to your bathing needs.

How does a wet room differ from a walk-in shower?

Well, the main way in which a wet room differs from a traditional walk-in shower is that instead of a having a built-in shower cubicle that includes a shower tray, the room itself forms the enclosure. This enclosure is built to be fully waterproofed, preventing leaks and water damage, complete with drainage for the water to escape.

View our range of wet rooms to see how a wet room can restore your confidence in bathing. We are always on hand to guide you through your options that are suited to your individual bathing needs. Get in touch.

Why would I need a wet room?

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1. Practicality

Wet rooms are extremely practical, especially for people with mobility issues because they don’t have to step over a bath edge or shower tray. Wet rooms also allow wheelchair access for those with very limited mobility who still want to retain their independence when bathing.

The Richmond Range is ideal for individuals looking for a custom built wet room designed to create a calm and luxurious shower experience. There are lots of door and seating options available, so you can find the best solutions for your bathing needs.

2. Customisable

Wet rooms are also hugely beneficial for those who require wide access and who might struggle with bi-fold doors. Customisable options are available, such as grab rails and shower seats. These options aid independent bathing as well as providing extra comfort in your new mobility bathroom.

These wet room accessories help to personalise your bathroom so you can make your space truly your own. Check out our full range of bathroom accessories to customise your mobility wet room according to your bathing needs.

3. Quality and design

As well as all of the practicalities of a wet room, the look and style of this bathing experience transform your bathroom into a luxurious, calming, clean and reassuring environment.

This look has grown in popularity after being featured on many interior design programmes over the last few years, and bathroom installation companies such as Mobility Plus are making wet rooms much more accessible than they once were.

Take a look at our range of walk-in showers, and walk-in baths to start designing your mobility bathroom.

Or request your free brochure or quote to see how we could transform your bathroom so you can bathe safely and with confidence again.

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