Redesigning your space is a great way to breathe new energy and zest into your everyday life. As we get older our needs also change and so our home should adapt to our new lifestyle. Wondering how you can make your space more accessible? There are many simple and easy ways you can freshen up your space whilst future-proofing it for your daily needs. But where do you look for inspiration? We’ve found 7 interior podcasts to help you develop your creativity and make your homework for you.

But why are podcasts the right choice to discover new interior design and decor ideas? And where can you find them? We answer these questions and more, helping you navigate the world of podcasts. You certainly don’t need to be a techy person to figure them out. All you need is a computer, smartphone or tablet and a good internet connection, and you’ll be on your way to listening to your future favourites in no time.

What are podcasts?
Podcasts are a lot like radio talk shows. You can listen to them on-the-go, whilst out shopping, on the bus, in the car or even cleaning the house. They have become a popular tool for learning and personal growth, and because you can pause them, you can listen to them whenever you like.

The simplest way to listen to a podcast is by visiting websites like audible.co.uk. If you have an iPhone you can use the Apple Store app that comes with your phone, simply search your apps for ‘Podcasts’. If you have an Android phone you can search in the Google Play store for ‘Google Podcasts’.

So what are the 7 interior podcasts you need to listen to right now?

Style Matters
Style Matters has been running since 2014 and hosts a bevvy of design experts with handy tips and inspiring ideas of how you can make your home perfectly aligned with who you are. Co-hosted by design enthusiasts Zandra Zuraw and Karen June Grant, this podcast was created to help you “experience true delight and a feeling of grace, every day, in every room.” Cleverly categorised by topic, choose from ‘Develop Your Style’ to ‘How To Be A Minimalist’ and more.

Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast
The Unofficial Fixer Upper Podcast is a fun and witty commentary on Gary and Kathy Leland’s favourite TV design shows. Sharing their thoughts on shows like ‘Fixer Upper’, ‘House Hunters’ and ‘Listed Sisters’, as soon as they air, you can expect, fun, laughter and thoughtful conversation.

Good Company
Perfect for anyone who wants to develop their own creativity, Good Company explores the ups and downs of the design process. Providing inspiration, motivation and practical advice, you can expect an interesting mix of design tips and insight into the lives of designers. Hosted by Grace Bonney, the show has a great roster of talented guests from Justina Blakeney to Genevieve Gorder.

Decorating Tip and Tricks
Inspiring you to create a beautiful home, Decorating Tip and Tricks is all about providing you with practical and useful decorating advice. Hosted by Anita Joyce and Kelly Wilkniss, you can expect lots of laughs and easy to follow tips. Episodes include, ‘Things You Should Not Keep’, helping rid your home of things that don’t serve you, to ‘Wallpaper, We’ve Got You Covered’, which explores the new products that make wallpapering easier.

Big Design Small Budget
Making luxury more affordable, Big Design Small Budget provides you with fresh tips from decorator Betsy Helmuth. Betsy has designed over 1,000 spaces and shares her tried and tested methods for designing your home on a budget. With a step-by-step approach, you’ll discover practical tips and design secrets from choosing your colour palette to selecting accessories like a stylist.

The Great Indoors
The Great Indoors is the best podcast to listen to for advice on the latest trends and hottest tips. TV presenter and designer Sophie Robinson and best-selling author and Journalist Kate Watson-Smyth discuss how to make your house a home, whilst unveiling the leading trends in interior design. Each episode includes contributions from an abundance of special guests, expect great conversations and useful advice.

Inside Design
Inside Design is a lively podcast with all the dos and don’ts of interior designing, including the best products to buy for your home. Hosted by nationally published interior designers, Joann Kandrac and Kelly Kole, expect a wealth of knowledge shared in a fun and humorous fashion. From discussions about the best white paint colours to choose, to the latest bathroom trends you’ll gain a lot of wisdom from this podcast. For more bathroom tiling trends read our latest article.

Interior Style Hunter
Finally, we thought we’d leave you with a little bonus. Hosted by Grant Pierrus, Interior Style Hunter has been created by the award-winning London based luxury interior design blog. Grant believes that everyone should have access to good design, and shares easy to follow design rules and principles you can use to make your space better.

So, that’s a look at some of the best interior podcasts you can listen to now to help you develop your creativity and make your home work for you. For more inspiration read our article on Bathroom Style Ideas