If you struggle with your mobility, whether through age, illness or injury, a bathing seat can provide great comfort and stability when taking a bath or shower.

Feeling safe when you bathe is very important, which is why our bathrooms ensure you have the best possible bathing experience.

All of our bathing seats have been designed to meet a variety of needs. Here we introduce a few options, so you can make the right choice for you.

Walk in baths seats

bathing seats

Our stylish low entry walk-in baths all come with a low-level side door, removing any uneasiness you might feel when stepping in or out of the bath. Although they all offer the same fundamental features, there are various styles, sizes and options available.

For example, the Windermere walk-in bath has a comfortable powered lifting seat. Specially designed for those with disabilities or mobility restrictions, the seat will lower you down and raise you back up again – all at the touch of a button – so you can enjoy safe and independent bathing.

The Derwent and Hampton walk-in baths both have an integrated seat with a contoured back. The comfortable seat takes pressure off your back and offers an ideal solution for those who are unable to raise from a traditional full length bath. If you can lower and raise yourself to and from a seated position, these baths are ideal, especially for those who may have weaker core strength.

Walk in shower seats


A fold-up shower seat could be a ideal addition to your shower. All of our walk-in shower installations can come with a comfortable folding seat, available in a number of styles.

Our compact fold-up seat is ideal if you have limited space in your bathroom. Simply fold it away when not in use. The cushioned seat is easy to clean and allows the water to drain away quickly.

We also offer a fold-up seat with arms and a back for extra support. If you require assistance getting up from a seated position, the arms maybe more sutable for you . A grab rail can always be positioned in the shower area if additional support is required.

Another option in our bathing seat range is our fold-up wooden seat. The seat itself is made from ecologically-friendly rubberwood, and the framework and legs are rustproof stainless steel. The height is adjustable, ranging from 390mm to 640mm and suitable for users up to 40 stone/254kg in weight, so most users can use it comfortably.

Our free-standing shower stool is also height adjustable and can be moved anywhere in the room.

If you would like additional information regarding our bathing seat range, please get in touch with one of our specialists who are trained to answer any questions you might have.

We donate £100 to Cancer Research UK for every bathroom we sell. Funding is essential for the organisation to continue its lifesaving work, supporting scientists and doctors to beat cancer.

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