Walk in baths are the ideal solution to transform your bathroom with safety and comfort. If you’re considering a walk-in bath, here are the essential things to know before taking the next step.

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  1. Additional features make it safer
  2. Mobility Plus products are sealed with a lifetime warranty
  3. Look at ways to make your bathroom luxurious
  4. Cater for your future and all of your family
  5. Think about how to maximise your bathroom space

Additional features make it safer

As the bathroom can get quickly wet and slippery, it’s no surprise that it’s prone to falls and injuries. As we get older, our mobility becomes more limited, which makes accidents more common. In fact, over the age of 65, roughly one in three individuals fall every year.

To limit the chances of injuries, you don’t have to avoid bathing or risk your welfare in a non-specialised bathroom. You can keep your independence and your confidence with a walk-in bath, and especially one with added safety features.

The walk-in baths at Mobility Plus feature low entry access and wide opening doors, so if you have trouble lifting your legs, you can still enjoy the benefits of a regular bath but now with extra protection.

Look to add a grab rail feature, like in the Derwent deep soak walk-in bath, to provide safety and support when you’re getting in and out of the bath.

Mobility Plus products are sealed with a lifetime warranty

Searching for the perfect walk-in bath, it’s important to know you’re investing in a high-quality product that is durable and long lasting. Damage can occur over time, and it’s reassuring to have a product that keeps you protected.

At Mobility Plus, we want your bathing experience to be the best it possibly can, which is why we’re invested in creating high-quality products that put your comfort and safety first. We pride ourselves in offering you the perfect solution that makes your life easier. So, for an extra seal of satisfaction, all our Mobility Plus products come with a Lifetime Warranty. Added protection and complete peace of mind with every comfortable bathe.

Look at ways to make your bathroom luxurious

Creating a luxurious bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. There are walk-in bath features that can transform your bathing experience. There is Chromotherapy and a Hydrotherapy spa system options in the Hampton Elite modern walk-in bath, that will make your bathroom a relaxing place you’ll never want to leave.

These added features will turn your bathroom into a spa-like sanctuary without having to spend a fortune. The luxury systems promote balance and healing and will help you to unwind in comfort.

Cater for your future and all of your family

When thinking about installing a walk-in bath in your home, you can get the most out of your money by looking ahead to yours and your family’s future. Even though accessing your bathroom might not be a problem for you now, accommodating to those future needs today will save you time, energy and money.

With integrated seats featuring contoured backs, easy access walk-in baths help keep injuries to a minimum with maximum comfort

Think about how to maximise your bathroom space

When it comes to decorating your bathroom, many people overlook a bath because they think they’re large and impractical, especially for smaller bathrooms. Yet, this isn’t always the case.

If you’re limited on space, there are compact walk-in baths to choose from that will maximise your space whilst still delivering optimum practical benefits. A smaller bathtub, like the Hampton low entry bath, is a useful addition to give you more space for storage and any design features, like a stool.

Walk-in baths are an investment you won’t regret. You don’t have to take our word for it, discover what some of our customers are saying about their new bathroom here.