As you get older, you may start to face mobility challenges which can mean everyday tasks, such as bathing, become more difficult.

One way that bathing can become more of a struggle is entering and exiting the bath. Stepping into and out of the bath can become more and more difficult with time.

However, there are solutions to this, and you shouldn’t feel that you are facing a daily obstacle to overcome when bathing.

walk in bath with door

The benefits of low doors

If you’re facing difficulty getting in and out of the bathtub, you should really consider a walk-in bath. Walk-in baths allow you to altogether remove the difficulty of having to navigate any high sides to the bath.

Walk-in baths have a door on the side that allows you to walk into and out of the bath, much like the name suggests. This means that there will no longer be any high sides to negotiate. Instead, there is usually a much smaller step underneath the door.

If you have low doors for your bath or shower, make sure that you do not lean on them. They are not designed to take your weight and could result in an accident.

If you find that you are relying on the edge of the bath to help support yourself, consider an alternative way to get into the bath. Transfer benches, leg lifters, or bath lifts can all help to combat the difficulty in getting your legs over the edge of the bath rim. This way you do not have to lean on the doors to support yourself.

What about no doors?

Of course, having low doors is one option. But what about if there were no doors? Swapping out your bath for a walk-in shower might be the solution that you were missing all along.

A walk-in shower might seem like a silly name, but these showers are designed so that there is a very low edge to the shower tray, as small as a few millimetres. You can freely walk in and out of the shower without worrying about an edge to the tray.

If you’re looking for a truly step free entrance to your shower, you should try a wet room. Wet rooms can be especially helpful for those that have limited mobility, or those in wheelchairs, as there is no lip at all to the shower tray.

If you are worried about having to support yourself whilst showering, you should consider something like a shower seat or grab rails to ensure that you are safe whilst showering.

Of course, not every bathroom is the right size and shape for a walk-in shower, so a walk-in bath might be more appropriate. If you’re not sure whether your bathroom is appropriate, why not arrange for us to come and give you a free no obligation consultation? Our experts are always on hand to give you the advice you need.