Bath time

We have many years’ experience ensuring that our products are suited for those with mobility issues. Our extensive knowledge and practices with many customers have helped us understand what is required and is most suitable for you. Walk-in baths are a great way to retain your independence, whilst providing you with a comfortable and safer bathing experience.

Walk-in baths can take the pressure and ease off joints, especially for those who suffer from arthritis or an injury and where a warm soak is beneficial.

Product warranty

Our walk-in baths have a full warranty, giving you peace of mind if you experience any problems that you may need support with. We have implemented different functions in our walk-in baths, to give users not only blissful relaxation but a high-quality product they can trust.

It’s extremely important that walk-in baths need to have extra sealed doors, to prevent any flooding or leaks in your bathroom. Leaks create unnecessary problems that would take money and time to fix. Avoid any problems by making sure you walk-in bath is installed by a recommended company.

Our walk-in baths have a secure closure with a water tight seal and a strong magnetic strip that increases water retention. All of our baths are made in the UK and we guarrantee our door seals are leak free!

Long lasting

The Derwent

We invest our time in only using top quality materials, that are long lasting for years to come. For example, like all of our baths, the Derwent range has strong robust frames for durability and extra strength.

Walk in baths, should have low-level access as the whole family can use the bath with comfort. Low-level access is key as mobility issues limit our movements, thus making it more difficult to position them in a standard bath.


quality baths

Specialised baths don’t have to be old-fashioned, we manufacture products that are stylish and practical giving our clients a soothing bath they deserve.

All of our walk-in baths are fitted with thermostatically controlled taps or fillers. This provides you with the perfect water temperature for a bath and is vitally important to prevent scolding.


The Windermere

Every safety measure is always considered when manufacturing a walk-in bath. Making them slip-resistant as well as safe and easy to get in and out.

In our Leyburn range, we have integrated a slip-resistant base, to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Now, you can bathe feeling secure that you have minimised the risk of taking a fall.

Walk-in baths are a real investment, that should be well thought through. Before purchasing we recommend that our customers write down their needs and requirements or problems they have been having. This helps to make sure nothing is missed and helps us identify the most suitable products for you and your bathroom.

All walk-in baths should be installed professionally, just to ensure that it is fitted correctly. Our team can look after all elements of installation including floors, walls, electrics and even removal of your old bathroom.

There are also customisable with various options to make bathing even more enjoyable. For example, you can choose a soothing hydrotherapy option, or several other bathing enhancements..

If you would like some extra help in deciding what would be best for you, speak to someone from our specialised team. Our team will be able to go through different options with you, and you can pick and choose what you require with ease.

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