When it comes to relaxation, a bath is the ultimate way to have some much-needed relaxation time. It’s also a pivotal feature in many bathrooms. At Mobility Plus, we believe that you should not have to sacrifice your independence or compromise your well-being regarding bathing options.

We offer a range of baths that have been adapted to make them accessible and user-friendly for all, regardless of age or level of mobility. Our baths are tailored to your individual needs as well as your budget to ensure you get the highest quality product for your money.

Tailored to your needs, walk-in baths can offer a variety of adapted features to help you enjoy your bathing experience again. This guide will carefully walk you through these bathroom design options, installation, cost, and supportive features to ensure that your journey to purchasing a walk-in bath is as easy and stress-free as possible. We are here to answer any questions you may have during the process so that you can live freely in your own home once again, without the constraints of a traditional bathtub.

  1. Cost of Disabled Walk-in Baths: Types and Key Features
  2. Additional Features
  3. Luxury Features
  4. Installation

Cost of Disabled Walk-in Baths: Types and Key Features

The cost of your walk-in bath will vary depending on the size and amount of additional features included. There are many different options and combinations to choose from, but our guide is here to help you decide what will suit your lifestyle and needs best.

Deep soak baths

Deeper than a traditional bath, this bath style is popular due to its seat feature, which allows you to sit comfortably while still enjoying a bath that soaks your entire body. This bath style can also be more suited to rooms with restraints on space as they do not take up as much floor space as a full-length bath. They are also a good choice if you cannot fully recline in a traditional bathtub but still desire that relaxing full-body soak.

With optional additions such as a built-in towel rail, this tub is stylish yet practically designed to make things easier for you. Entry is kept as simple and safe as possible with only a small step to navigate and a door that is easy to use and opens wide to provide easy access. For low-entry deep soak baths, browse the well-loved Hampton range, which is proud to be one of the lowest-entry walk-in baths in the UK.

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Full-length bath

If you’re looking for a more traditional bathing experience and desire to recline fully in the bath, then this may be the perfect option for you. The low-step entrance to the bathtub is ideal if you struggle to lift your leg up and over a regular bathtub.

To enhance your bathing experience and ensure comfort and ease throughout, this bath features side-door access, and optional adaptations include the addition of a handrail and powered seating. The addition of a handrail is ideally suited to those who can bathe in the traditional reclined position and only require the assistance of a handrail to support balance when sitting down and standing up. The Leyburn range offers ultra-low entry and a handrail while still being a full-length bath. This is the perfect option for those who require a bit of assistance while other members of the household may not.

For those wanting the same bathing experience but requiring more assistance, the addition of the powerlifting seat may be the best match for you. It is easy to operate and is comfortable with fully contoured seating and armrests. The seat safely lowers and lifts you so that you can fully immerse yourself and relish in a more traditional bathing experience. Take a look at the popular Windermere range for full-length baths with powered seating.

Additional Features

Here at Mobility Plus, we understand that you are not just purchasing a bath but investing in your well-being. With this in mind, our baths have additional features with improved functionality, durability, and all-around user experience to ensure safety and comfort are always the number one priority.

Adding a slip-resistant base is integral to the design of our baths. Your safety is paramount to us, so to ensure this, all of our baths are fitted with this slip-resistant base. This provides an extra safety net of reassurance that should you lose your balance or feel unsteady, you have the additional underfoot grip to significantly reduce the likelihood of slips and trips.

Speaking of feeling slightly unsteady, we have the addition of handrails integrated into many of our designs, and since our service is fully tailored to you, if they are not already included in your desired bath, feel free to talk to one of our experts who can help to tailor it to your needs. Handrails can be placed in the optimal position for you and for your chosen bathing style so that they are easy to reach and grip to ensure that you feel steady and safe at all times.

Integrated seating in the baths where this addition is relevant is comfortable to ensure that you get the most out of your bathing experience. The power-assisted seating features comfortable padded seating, which is easy to clean and does not deteriorate from time in the water. As well as a padded seat, it features padded armrests to promote good posture and comfort at all times. The armrests are a useful safety addition to provide more stability when sitting and standing, as you can use them to steady yourself.

For additional strength, all of our baths are reinforced with a steel frame to give you peace of mind that you are in a secure space.

Luxury Features

Just because the bathing experience may have changed for you due to reduced mobility, this does not mean you should settle for any less than a luxurious bathing experience. Our range has optional add-ons which are perfect for transforming your regular bath into an indulgent and serene experience that will transport you to another realm of relaxation.

Our Derwent and Hampton baths come with the optional addition of hydrotherapy jets. Hydrotherapy jets are known to promote relaxation and massaging of muscles to alleviate muscle pain and improve range of motion. This addition is perfect for soothing away aches and pains, particularly those caused by arthritis.

For the ultimate choice in luxury yet accessible baths, the Hampton Elite ticks all of the boxes. Hydrotherapy and the unique addition of chromotherapy provide the optimum calming environment. Chromotherapy is also known as colour therapy. A lamp source softly generates seven colours (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet) under the surface of the water creating the ultimate peaceful experience. It is believed by some that these colours of the rainbow are infused with healing energies to promote balance and healing.


Like the rest of the process, the installation phase is as worry-free. Our expert team of fitters offers a nationwide specialist installation service. You will be individually and carefully looked after by one of our outstanding installation managers who will ensure everything runs smoothly and be your point of contact should you have any queries along the way. All of our fitters are fully qualified, insured, and experts in their field.

Once you have received your free no-obligation design and quote, the next step is to complete a technical survey. This is performed to ensure the project will go smoothly, and we check the plumbing, water pressure, and electrics at your home. We can also recommend solutions to suit the needs of everyone who is using your bathroom. It is important to go through these steps to ensure that we are offering you a bespoke design for your bathroom with an accurate, no-obligation quote. On the installation day, you need not worry as we will take care of everything, organising all of the products to be delivered on the day, and managing the team of experts installing your new bathroom.

Request a free brochure today to assess all of the options which are on offer to you at Mobility Plus. The cost of walk-in baths can be discussed with our experts at any time, and we can provide you with a quick and hassle-free quote and discuss options to make your bath bespoke to you. Call our friendly team today.

For complete peace of mind, read some of our trusted testimonials from our happy customers. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and recent surveys revealed that customers were extremely satisfied with the prices of our walk-in baths, the standard of service, and the quality of our products.