Discover the joy of a nice relaxing bath all over again with a sleek walk-in bath that’s perfect for people suffering with arthritis or mobility issues.

What is a walk-in bath?

A walk-in bath is a great option for someone with joint pain and mobility issues to regain independence and confidence when it comes to bathing. Designed with a very low step into the bath and watertight doors, you’ll barely have to lift a foot to get into any of the range of walk-in baths on offer by Mobility Plus. Coming in a range of sizes and depths, with plenty of practical features, walk-in baths can suit many different needs, aiding with the pain associated with arthritis or helping you to make your home safer for the future.

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Features of a walk-in bath and how they can help

The collection of walk-in baths on offer at Mobility Plus come with a range of features to help alleviate the pain of arthritis and make everyday life easier, now and in the future.

Low-step access & wide opening doors

Great for those with mobility issues, the low-step access of walk-in baths means no more having to lift your legs high over the tub. It also means trips and falls are far less likely as you get in and out, not only easing your peace of mind but your family’s too. Using the tub will be a simple pleasure again and the watertight, sealing doors means there are no worries about spills and slips.

Hand & towel rails

Many of the Mobility Plus walk-in baths come with built-in hand and towel rails for additional safety. These practical features help ease you in and out of the bath and the handy towel rail means no leaning across the bathroom, reducing the risk of injury and accidents.


Different baths come with different types of seats but depending on your needs you can choose from an upright, integral seat, a power-assisted seat or reclining seat. The integrated seats usually come in deeper and compact baths allowing for a nice long soak whilst the adjustable seats might be in a regular sized tub allowing you to lay back and relax like you would in a normal bath.

Slip-resistant surfaces

Trips, slips and falls can be one of the most common injuries in over 65’s and those with mobility and joint issues. Slip-resistant and textured flooring is another conscious safety feature designed to ease the mind and let you indulge in the joy of bathing again, giving you the confidence to relax again.

Bonus extras: spa therapy & chromotherapy

Some also come with nifty little extras like spa therapy and chromotherapy options. Spa therapy is a great way to soothe aches, pains and increase circulation as tiny little bubbles pulsate and massage. Whilst chromotherapy aids your mind as well, as the coloured light(s) are believed to create a healing and balancing atmosphere.

Easing joint pain and maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Many people who suffer from arthritis, joint pain or mobility problems will know just how much the warming effects of a bath can help to soothe their aches. Though for many the joys of that relief are soon outweighed by the hassle of having to climb in and out of the tub. A walk-in bath can quickly and easily negate that problem by offering a low to no-step bath option. As many sufferers will know stretching and yoga can also help ease pain caused by arthritis and your new walk-in bath can help maintain that lifestyle too. Whilst in your new walk-in bath you can regain your love for exercise with simple non-impact water workouts to stretch your muscles.

Choosing style and comfort

Many people with mobility issues may think that sometimes comfort has to outweigh style, but walk-in baths are designed to fit most spaces and look as stylish as a regular tub. You’ll find walk-in baths in many different sizes to suit most bathrooms and help you maximise your space. Small bathrooms will benefit from compact designs like The Hampton low level bath range whilst larger bathrooms could easily accommodate a full length walk-in bath like The Leyburn. Features like glass doors and chrome rails can really add a touch of elegance and fit in with the rest of your décor.

Future-proof your home today

Whether you’ve got joint pain from arthritis, mobility issues or are looking to make a safer home for your future years, Mobility Plus has a great range of walk-in baths suitable to most needs.