Are you ready to reform your bathroom? Updating your shower to a digital option provides a host of new functions to make showering more pleasurable and can even save you money in the long run. Here’s everything you need to know about digital showers and some considerations to make if you decide to purchase a digital shower.

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  1. What is a digital shower?
  2. How does a digital shower work?
  3. Features of a digital shower
  4. Advantages of a digital shower
  5. The difference between digital and smart showers

What is a digital shower?

A digital electric shower works similarly to mixer showers by mixing both cold and hot water to reach the user’s ideal temperature, providing much more accuracy.

Digital showers include a digital thermostat to offer the user precise temperature control within a single degree. Using technology, the water temperature is consistently monitored during use to maintain the set warmth or cold level.

How does a digital shower work?

Digital showers are connected to both a cold and hot water supply and can be installed in any wet room or walk-in shower. When you switch the shower on and set your temperature, a wireless or wired signal is sent to the built-in thermostat, where it makes an immediate adjustment.

The water supply then blends appropriately to release the requested temperature through the shower head. This means you don’t need to make any adjustments while you’re showering.

The good news is that you don’t need to connect a digital shower to a Wi-Fi network, as they use an independent connection. This typically makes installation much easier and achievable in all households.

Features of a digital shower

Digital showers come with an array of functions, depending on the model you choose and your budget. Below are the most common features you can expect.

1. Thermostat

Every digital shower will have this, and it allows you to control the temperature via the panel, remote control or on some occasions, smartphone app. The built-in thermostat allows you to choose the exact temperature, so the water warmth doesn’t fluctuate.

2. LED display

Digital showers aim to simplify and customise your shower experience, so you’ll find them without bulky buttons and streamlined with a stylish LED display that’s easy to operate at the touch of a button.

3. Profile settings

If multiple people regularly use the shower in your home, a digital shower with multiple user profiles allows you to set the desired shower length and water temperature for each person. Then, when it’s your turn to shower, you select your profile and don’t have to modify all the settings every time.

4. Multiple outlets

For some people, showering is more than just a chore; it’s a spa-like experience at home. Many digital showers include more than one shower head outlet to offer a variety of settings based on power and water direction.

Advantages of a digital shower

Here are some of the main reasons to consider upgrading to a digital shower.

Set your ideal preferences

Showering will become more enjoyable, as you can personalise the temperature, flow and duration pre-sets to suit your preferences. Plus, these showers are easy to operate.

Just select the settings, and the shower will notify you when it’s ready, so you won’t have to make any temperature adjustments while you’re washing. This is great for time-restricted days and for injecting more ease into your daily routine.

Some more advanced digital showers allow you to set up multiple profiles for everyone in the house. This way, everyone gets to enjoy their ideal shower every time without having to modify settings each time they want to shower. So you won’t have any nasty temperature surprises when you first step in the shower.

Save water

Digital showers can be an environmentally friendly choice, as they can save you water and, thus, money on your energy bills.

You can conveniently pause a digital shower mixer while you’re shampooing your hair to avoid water waste without having to manually power off and on the water. When you continue the water flow, the temperature and power will be the same, so you won’t have to fine-tune the settings again.

Some high-end digital showers have a timer function, so you can set the duration of your shower, and it’ll switch off after this time. This is great for eliminating water waste if you’re prone to showering for too long.

They’re safer

Most digital showers feature a safety mode to consistently monitor the water temperature to prevent scalding. Many are designed to switch off after a certain amount of time to prevent the chances of flooding. This feature is perfect for forgetful minds, especially if you reside alone.

The difference between digital and smart showers

Digital showers aren’t the top of the showering chain; smart showers offer more credible features (which aren’t always beneficial to every user), but here are the core differences between these two shower types to help you decipher between the two.

Voice activation

You can control many devices in your home via voice, and now you can activate your shower with just your voice. This function can add convenience to showering, as you don’t need to have such close proximity to the panel to switch on and off the water. Voice activation can be beneficial if you have reduced mobility, as it eliminates the need for physical touch and movement.

An integrated phone app

You can control a smart shower via an app on your phone. This won’t necessarily add convenience to your life, but it can create a new world of customisation. For example, create profiles to set each user’s shower flow rate, temperature and duration to monitor how much water each person uses.

The app’s dashboard will also display core information relating to water usage and energy costs to help you keep track and make cuts, if necessary.

The future is digital, and that includes all aspects of life, not excluding the bathroom. If you want to step up your shower experience to a digital shower, consider the simplicity of the panel, the must-have features you want and whether you need to make any adjustments to your current shower layout.

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