Dr. Hillary Walk in Bath suggestion

As we get older, our health can decline which can cause a wide range of mobility issues. Daily routines can become challenging, so we have to consider our safety as well as our independence. Millions of people all over the world take cleanliness and hygiene for granted, but as one of the most accident-prone rooms in any home, the bathroom is a place where safety is paramount.

For those of us who develop back or leg problems in our older age, or require a wheelchair, standing in a shower not only becomes an incredibly risky prospect due to slippages, but it can be impossible for some to enter in the first place. Luckily, we now have anti-slip bathrooms and walk-in showers, helping us to maintain our independence and safety.

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The great thing about walk in showers is that they are built to suit your personal needs. Easy-access trays reduce the risk of slipping, and level-access trays allow for the movement of wheels, making it a suitable choice for wheelchair users. Alternatively, wet rooms give you more flexibility and are also an excellent option for wheelchair users…

Another key element of the walk in shower is the choice of door. Full height doors/panels can provide adequate entry width for wheelchair users, and half height doors provide flexibility and ease of access, and can be an excellent choice if you have a carer or you think you may need carer support in later years.

And last but not least, extra features such as hinged safety seats and safety grab rails can make showering possible for those who struggle to stand up or maintain balance, making it entirely possible for people with mobility issues to not only maintain their independence at home, but also maintain their safety.

One of the reasons I recommend Mobility Plus walk-in showers in particular is because their showers are manufactured to the highest standards, come in a variety of sizes and models to choose from, and they all come complete with an extensive product guarantee for your peace-of-mind.

Our Richmond Range is our beautifully stylish walk-in shower range, which features clear toughen glass and high quality polished aluminium finish. Adding a touch of class to any bathroom, they’re designed to create a relaxing refuge of calm, for a truly luxurious showering experience.

Combining perfect form with discrete functionality and practical features designed for those with limited mobility, the Richmond Range has been developed with safety, flexibility and ease of use in mind. Our Richmond walk-in shower enclosures and wet rooms give you independence, comfort and style all-in-one.

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