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wet room

Wet rooms are a stylish, sleek option to a walk in shower, they are fuss and clutter free and have a certain “Feng Shui” feel about them. But don’t be disillusioned by the chicness of a wet room, you don’t have to be wealthy or privileged have one in your own bathroom and you don’t have to have a exceptionally large bathroom either. There are wet room solutions available here at Mobility plus that cost effective, space saving and still stylish. Have a look at our beautiful range.

But how does a wet room differ from a walk in shower?

Well, the main way in which a wet room differs from a traditional walk in shower is that instead of a having a built-in shower cubicle that in includes a shower tray, is that the room itself is the enclosure and has been made fully waterproofed to prevent leaks and water damage and complete with drainage for the water to escape.

Why would I need one?

Wet rooms are extremely practical, especially for people with mobility issues because they don’t have to step over a bath or shower tray. They also provide wheelchair access for those with very limited mobility that still want to retain bathing independence.

There are also hugely beneficial for those who require wide access that might struggle with bi-fold doors and they offer the option of grab rails and shower seats for extra comfort.

Lastly, as well as all of the practicalities of a wet room, the look and style of them transforms your bathroom from average to next level. This look has grown in popularity recently due to being featured on many interior design programmes over the last few years and the bathroom installation companies such as Mobility Plus are making this style of bathroom much more accessible than it once was.

Take a look at our range of wet rooms and walk in showers to see what your bathroom could look like.

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