Helpful home equipment has never been more accessible, with lots of organisations and products available to help you at home, it has never been easier to make your home safer again and regain your independence at home.

1. Hand rails

Moving from one room to another, or manoeuvring around certain rooms such as the bathroom can be troublesome when mobility is restricted. Having handrails installed throughout your home can be a big help in moving around. Use them to hoist yourself on the first step, lift yourself out of a chair and steady yourself when moving around.

2. Stair lifts

For people without steady balance living in a two-story home, going up and down the stairs can be a scary prospect. Having a stair lift installed in your home will allow you to get from one floor to another safely and with ease.

3. Removable bath boards

Getting in and out of the bath can be very demanding in terms of mobility, so for those who cannot move around so easily it can be a big challenge. A removable bath board can help you to get in and out of the bath with ease and make bathing safer.

4. Shower seats

Not every bathroom has both a shower and bath so if your home has a shower or wet room instead of a bath you should invest in a shower seat so that you can remain steady and safe whilst showering.

5. Adjustable bed

An adjustable bed will not only improve back posture and provide many therapeutic benefits, but it will also make getting in and out of bed that bit easier. With automatic adjustable setting that allows you to go from a lying down to sitting position with the touch of a button you can rise from your sleep without the daily struggle.