How many times have you heard the saying “new year new me”? The new year gives us a boost to make some necessary changes to our lifestyles. The old supplement adage is that they are never going to replace a healthy diet and regular exercise regime. However, they help keep our health at an optimum level. So, are our attitudes outdated?


For the brain

Scientists and researches alike have heavily studied the benefits of vitamin B6, and it is recommended as a supplement for all ages. Vitamin B6 is needed for health, nervous and psychological function, by helping to support the neutrons transmitting messages around the brain. Not only is it great for the brain, but it’s an “all-rounder” from helping produce more collagen in the skin to hormone regulation.

For the immune system

The flu season is in full flow, and other than regular hand washing and wrapping up warm. The echinacea flower plant gives you another layer of protection. It’s packed with antioxidants and has been used for centuries to heal wounds and fight nasty infections. They are available in both tea and supplement form, but if your body is lacking in hydration – tea would be the best option.

For the skin

During the winter months, we arise to darkness and the nights falls upon us before dinner time. We get minimal sunlight, and our skin becomes in desperate need of some Vitamin D to help skin cells grow and repair. Yet, how will you know when your skin is in need of vitamin D?

The tell-tale signs are often when your skin gets quite dry and irritable. To give your vitamin D supplement a helping hand, you can try adding specific foods that are rich in vitamin D, like tuna, soy milk, eggs and fresh orange juice.

Collagen supplements are another great supplement for clearer and smoother skin. They are available in tablet, liquid, powder or cream form. Additionally, it promotes joint health, and studies have shown it can reduce symptoms of arthritis.

For nails

If your nails are looking on the dull side and are prone to breaking quite often, then vitamin C might be your answer. Vitamin C is often the go-to supplement for nail growth and strengthening nails. It protects the nails against any damage and speeds up the growth of collagen.

For hair

Vitamin A is often the most commonly associated supplement to strengthen our locks and keeps our scalps moist. However, it’s vital to note that too much vitamin can speed up hair growth, by putting too much pressure on the hair follicles.

To maintain shiny and healthy-looking hair, you may want to add vitamin E to your diet. Particularly, if you suffer from brittle hair, it may be the boost to achieve those heavenly glowing locks.

It’s important to note that supplements aren’t a miracle cure if a healthy diet and exercise regime isn’t in place. Research suggests it takes between 2-4 weeks to see a difference and to notice the long-awaited positive results. It’s clear that more and more people are using supplements, to support their overall wellbeing.

Purchase a pill box, if you need a visual reminder to take your supplements. Be sure to check how the supplements should be consumed, as specific supplements need to be taken with food.