Is your bathroom in need of a fresh design update? We’ve rounded up the latest tiling trends for some modern bathroom ideas to help you get started.

To keep your bathroom feeling fresh, a cheaper alternative to remodelling and buying new bathroom furniture is to consider updating your design. Bathroom tiles can work for your floors and walls and can easily transform your space to look on-trend and inviting.

There’s so much variation when it comes to bathroom tiles, from colour, shape and texture, so there are plenty of ways to make your bathroom unique with a touch of your own personality.

If you’re looking to revamp your space, we’ve uncovered some of the latest bathroom tiles design trends to inspire your home.

Natural oak

For a contemporary twist on a classic style, wood-looking porcelain tiles give a rustic, unrefined ambience to your bathroom. Using tiles means you still have all the eye-catching design with the effective easy-to-clean material.


A 1950’s bathroom trend is making its revival this year. Pretty-in-pink pastel tiles are back. For a minimalism approach to the design, opt for just one wall in a pastel shade. This will add vibrancy whilst giving the illusion of a bigger space.


For a soft, gentle and inviting room that ticks all of the interior trend boxes, marble tiles are the perfect choice. The subtlety of the tile design puts a greater emphasis on your stylish bathroom features.

Adding marble to your bathroom doesn’t have to be like everything you see on Pinterest, you can experiment with a DIY approach. Addicted 2 Decorating shows a great example of how you can do this, plus, it can an enjoyable way to involve the whole family.


Reminiscent of an ethereal Japanese garden, mosaic tiles are a zen infusion to your space. From fish scales to leaves, these tiles come in varying shapes that are indicative of nature and organic surroundings.

Art deco style

Exude the luxurious glamour of the iconic 1920s style with art-deco inspired tiling. Whether it’s across your walls or floors, this design is all about elegance. Keep the colours to a minimum to avoid this tiling becoming overbearing, and let the pattern take control.

For inspiration on how you could make this style work in your home, the Lettered Cottage transformed their bathroom with some eye-catching tile design work.


Penny tile

A resurgence of this 20th century design style is making its way to our bathrooms. Once associated with historic interior, it’s now making an eye-catching appearance in cool cafes and next, it’s your bathroom.

This tiling design is comprised of small hexagon shapes that can make an impactful addition to your family space. Opt for a soft neutral shade, like white or grey for a minimal look.

Graphic patterns

Choosing bathroom tiles doesn’t mean they have to be ordinary. To add a daring sense of style to your space, you can opt for tiles with a fresh pattern. Transforming your floor with this trend will give your room a modern accent. So that the pattern doesn’t feel too overwhelming, keep your colours neutral and instead opt for a pop of colour with your accessories, such as a bright stool and plants.

Take inspiration from Young House Love who redecorating their bathroom flooring with some eye-catching graphic tiles.


Textured tiles

Bring nature instead and create a chic and calming atmosphere with textured tiles. From rough finish designs, like wood, it will ooze a spa-like feel and set your mind at ease. Keep these tiles to just one wall, so they’re not overbearing.

Metallic finishes

Ooze modern sophistication with metallic bathroom tiles. From rose gold to grey, a dazzling addition of metallic design will make your space sparkle. Choose one metal finish and use it in small doses for maximum impact.


Painted tiles

Adding colour to your bathroom doesn’t have to be just through the accessories that you decorate with. Express your artistic side with this DIY trend of painted tiles. Stick to grey, sandy tones to keep your design minimal. Not only will you feel tremendously rewarded once you stand back and see your finished flooring, but it can definitely be a great activity to get your friends and family involved in too.

Driven by Décor shows how she transformed their family bathroom with this DIY style and offers a straightforward step-by-step guide to getting started.

If you’re feeling inspired to change up your bathroom interior style, why not read about more ideas in this blog post here.



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