Elderly on Desktop

It is no surprise that ageing can come with its burdens, but that is no reason to let it become an issue within your own home. So whether it’s you or a relative that you’re thinking of it’s always good to be prepared. Mobility and independence gradually reduces as you get older so it’s helpful to consider adapting your home in preparation for this.

We all like to feel comfortable and safe at home but overtime, daily duties can become increasingly difficult to complete. For instance, the process of entering a bath or a shower can potentially be very dangerous because of slippery surfaces and trip hazards. However, there are products and services available to provide a much safer environment at home through mobility solutions being installed.

The benefit of doing your mobility equipment research in advance can allow you to consider all your options and allow the product or service to be tailored around you as an individual. Also, although we do our absolute best to ensure that the design and installation process runs as smooth and stress free as possible, it can feel like a rush if the requirments are urgent which could be avoided if allowed more time to prepare. Also being prepared with the essentials, allows you to focus on the more important things in life, like pursuing interests and hobbies, seeing family and friends, exploring new places or anything else, which may take your interest.

3 reasons you should adapt your home:

1) Peace of mind for loved ones
Once mobility solutions have been installed into a home, it allows the user(s) to become increasingly self-reliant while remaining in a safe environment much to the relief of your nearest and dearest. Similarly if you have a relative that has limited mobility, put your own mind at ease by suggesting that they invest in some safety mobility solutions.

2) Independence and style
The facilities will simply aid the user(s) allowing them to be able to complete daily duties without the need for assistance but still remain safe. This allows them to be able to become more self-reliant and independent along with having more privacy and maintain your own modesty. Also, mobility bathroomfacilities are more stylish than they have ever been so you don’t have to worry about anything looking out of place or clunky.

3) Reduced financial burdens
Many current UK residents are concerned over their finances so are reluctant to invest in their future. However, if you have installed mobility solutions in your home but choose to move then it should not financially disadvantage you. This results from an ageing generation occurring in England, which means that there are numerous prospective buyers interested in properties with elderly home care facilities potentially increasing the value of the house. This is complimented with an expected rise of 5% in property values over the course of the next five years.