1. Colourful textiles Show off your personality with something different by adding a splash of colour. Bright coloured, towels, cloths, mats and shower curtains are a great way of adding character and style to your bathroom.

Our personal favourite is the cross seasonal pastel turquoise shade that can be both light and airy in Spring/Summer or offer a more winter wonderland theme during the winter months.

Turqoise Bathroom

2. Decorative touches There’s nothing more quirky than putting your own stamp on your home with little decorative touches here and there. Even the smallest addition could make a big difference to the overall look of the room and your bathroom should be no exception. Things like storage units, ornaments, candles and picture frames to name a few. We love the ambiance of lots of candles!

Bathroom Decoration

3. Modern floor level shower Don’t opt for the traditional step in shower with a curtain. Why not go for a modern, practical and stylish level access shower floor that is perfect for mobility access including wheelchairs! Check out our stunning collection of walk in showers and wet rooms. Our personal favourite is the stunning Richmond range.

Modern floor level shower

4. Chromotherapy and Hydro Spa Bath For ultimate relaxation and a completely unique addition to your bathroom, a chromotherapy hydro-spa could be the answer. With coloured lamps incorporated into the bathtub which are said to be infused with healing energies that promote balance and healing together with the hydro spa feature, this easy access bathtub really does offer the perfect solution for people with muscle and joint aches and pains such as arthritis sufferers.

Walk in bath

5. Unique storage boxes and shelving Storage is an essential yet cumbersome part of your bathroom so why not style it up and make your own. We love these unusual step ladder shelves.

bathroom storage shelf