The bathroom can pose numerous challenges to anybody facing declining mobility. As one of the most dangerous rooms at home, safety is key for everyone. Discover our top tips on creating a mobility friendly bathroom by maximising your space.

mobility bathroom

Consider a wet room

Wet rooms are a sensible and safety-first option that give easy access to everyone. They are – as the name suggests – easily accessible, with entry at ground level and with no shower door or tray, they are far less hazardous obstacles to think about.

The minimalistic design, including no unwieldy enclosures, makes this an ideal choice for small rooms. It will open up your space with simplicity and security. Forget impractical features; a wet room will ensure that high-quality design is met with safety, ideal for any individuals with reduced mobility or wheelchair users.

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Discover different accessories

You don’t have to change your entire bathroom to enhance accessibility. There are accessories, from shower seats to shower systems, that will add additional safety features to your bathroom.

At Mobility Plus, there are different shower systems you can opt for – the Thermostatic Mixer Shower or the Electric Care Shower – that will conveniently enhance your bathing experience. These cleverly designed systems will give a consistent water temperature for the duration of your shower to help prevent scalding.

These accessory features are perfect for anyone with mobility issues as they encourage easy bathing and lower the risk of injury, whilst assuring independence to shower safely without the care of someone else.

Try a walk-in shower

walk in shower

A convenient alternative to a standard shower, a walk-in shower combines comfort and easy-access with long-lasting durability. Our range of mobility bathrooms has the added bonus of being fitted with a fold away shower seat, for added ease and safety grab rails, for practical safety. If you have mobility issues, our range of walk-in showers means a shower no longer has to be a hassle. You can bathe with support and comfort to suit your needs.

So, whether you’re looking to improve safety for less mobile individuals or to future-proof your bathroom. With our special features, it also lowers the risk of falling; making a walk-in shower the ultimate choice to instil your bathing experience with confidence.

What’s more, they are a savvy solution when looking to maximise smaller spaces: they can fit into an awkward corner to provide a better bathing experience for everyone. The practical aspect of walk-in showers allows for more passage space for mobility aids.

Updating your bathroom to suit anyone with mobility issues doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you’re looking for a long-term investment for your future, then switching to a walk-in shower, for example, could be the perfect choice for all the family. Yet, for a budget-friendly alternative, there are numerous accessory features you could include in your bathroom that require little effort and have huge benefits.

For more information on how to make your bathroom experience more comfortable, discover our guide on the best bathroom accessories to ease your bathing.