There is no better feeling than stepping out of the shower or bath feeling fresh, clean and relaxed. Unfortunately, the fear of slipping or the lack of independence can make washing uncomfortable for people with mobility challenges. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

If you or a loved one have mobility problems, disability washing aids are a fantastic way to help. In this article, you’ll find the best aids for showering and bathing. Read on to discover our top disability washing aids.

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  1. What are washing aids?
  2. The benefits of disability washing aids
  3. Reasons you might need a washing aid
  4. Best showering aids
  5. Best Bathing Aids

What are washing aids?

Aids for washing and bathing are different types of equipment that make cleaning in the shower or bath easier. They benefit anyone who needs assistance washing or support for pain and balance issues.

There is a vast range of aids, from walk-in showers and baths to transfer benches and folding seats to a variety of grab rails. The type of aids for washing and bathing depends on the individual’s mobility or disability, space in the bathroom and shower size.

The benefits of disability washing aids

Washing aids can transform people’s lives, allowing for a pain-free, easy, enjoyable washing experience. They are an excellent option if you live alone or are a carer who needs to give your client a helping hand. Here are some of the incredible benefits of aids for washing and bathing.

  • Increases safety – If you struggle to manoeuvre yourself or have balance issues, getting in the shower or bath can be dangerous. But with a washing aid, you can wash safely for better peace of mind.
  • Better for carers – If you are a family member or carer, then it is vital to be aware of your mobility. Lifting anyone incorrectly or who is too heavy can cause permanent back issues. However, a washing aid helps you transfer a person with ease.
  • Makes bathing enjoyable – When you are worried about slipping, it can cause fear and anxiety. As a result, many people with mobility issues avoid showering. But that won’t be the case with a shower or bath aid.
  • Increases independence – It can be frustrating if you want to bathe by yourself but rely on others to help you in and out. A washing aid could give you the freedom to bathe or shower independently.

Reasons you might need a washing aid

You could benefit from a bathing or showering aid for many reasons, and it’s unique to the individual. Below are some common reasons a person may require help washing:

  • Arthritis
  • Little or no mobility
  • A learning disability
  • Physical illness
  • Recovering from an operation or injury
  • Elderly

Best showering aids

Showering is energy-saving and water-efficient. However, the bottom of a shower gets slippery, and it can be challenging to stand for the required time to clean. Here are some of the best shower aids for elderly and disabled users.

1. Walk-in showers

We had to start with the hugely beneficial aid, walk-in showers. Although they are not an individual component, they are great for helping those with disabilities. Our walk-in showers don’t require you to step over any raised surface. We have various sizes to accommodate anything from balance issues to a roll-in shower chair.

2. Shower stools and seats

There is a wide range of shower seats and shower stools for safety. These include budget-friendly options that you can choose to suit your specific mobility or disability. Find the best shower chairs for the disabled below:

  • Standard shower stool – This is a stool for bathroom safety that you can pop in the shower. It is ideal for those with a small shower space who need to take breaks while showering or prefer to stay seated.
  • Shower chair – Chairs are beneficial for back support and provide comfort while washing.
  • Folding or hanging chair – You can choose chairs attached to the wall of your shower that fold down to sit on. They are great space savers if you have a small shower cubicle.
  • Rolling shower chair – If you or someone else cannot stand due to a disability, pain, or discomfort, a rolling shower chair will help. They work in wet rooms or walk-in showers, so you do not need to lift the person.

3. Easy temperature control

Temperature control on showers can be tricky if you have a mobility challenge. Reaching to turn the handle up and down is fiddly and dangerous if turned too hot. Our digital showers have built-in temperature control. You can alter the temperature using a simple touch button or wireless remote control.

4. Different shower head sprays

Washing hair in the shower is challenging if you cannot lift the shower head or the jet isn’t strong enough to rinse your hair. That’s why a variety of shower head spray settings make the best hair washing aids.

Our walk-in showers have four types of showerheads. They use Flipstream technology so you can adjust to the ideal spray setting and easily wash your hair.

Best Bathing Aids

Nothing is better than a warm, relaxing bath. But the older you get, the harder it becomes to lower yourself in and out of the tub. Over time, you may be unable to have baths altogether. Therefore, washing aids for elderly people are vital for a comforting bath. Read on for the best bathing aids.

5. Walk-in baths

Walk-in baths are a wonderful way to enjoy a soak without stepping in and out of the tub. We have a variety of walk-in baths, including ones with low-entry and wide-opening doors for accessibility. At Mobility Plus, we ensure all our baths are compact, easy to use and stylish for an enjoyable bathing experience.

6. Grab Rails

Grab Rails are a simple and budget-friendly washing aid. They offer stability and support for anyone with mobility issues. You can use them to pull yourself up and lower yourself into the bath, reducing the worry of slipping.

There are different types of grab rails, including ones that fix onto walls or use suction. Fixed grab rails are ideal if you own or live in your house long term, as they are durable and reliable. Suction grab rails are perfect for travelling or visiting friends or family for support and mobility.

7. Transfer bench and bath seats

A transfer bench or bath seat is a portable bench you place across the bathtub. It enables users to sit and shuffle over the bath rather than lowering directly into the water. They are helpful if you find getting down and pulling yourself out of the tub difficult or painful.

You can also use transfer benches to stay seated while you wash. You can invest in an independent transfer bench or a built-in one if you have a walk-in bath.

8. Touch button and bath fillers

Bending over and turning taps on and off puts a lot of strain on your hands, especially if you have brittle bones, muscle loss or arthritis. A touch button prevents the discomfort of using taps, while a bath filler smoothly blends hot and cold water to the desired temperature.

9. Bath steps

Bath steps are similar to low stools and help anyone with mobility struggles to step in and out of the tub. They reduce the risk of slipping and minimise discomfort when transferring into the bath. They are good for anyone who has balance issues or stiff joints.

10. Bath lifts

Bath lifts, as washing aids, are handy for those with disabilities who have little to no movement. Bath lifts are built-in, and the user sits down before being mechanically lifted in and out of the bath. They prevent carers of family members from hurting themselves during the transfer and are quick and easy to use.

11. Bath hoists

A bath hoist is a pole outside the tub with a chair or sling attached. Once the individual is seated, the electric hoist over the tub lowers the person into the bath. As washing aids, they usually come with a remote control and are a more budget-friendly and space-saving option to a bath lift.

12. Bath mats

Bath mats are handy for everyone, with or without mobility issues. They provide a safe, comfortable layer over the slippery surface of a shower or tub.

There are two types of bath mats. One uses suction cups and has a waterproof surface that you can place inside the tub to stop you from sliding as you step in. The other is positioned outside the bath to make stepping in and out easier. It is made from an absorbent fabric with a rough underside to grip the bathroom floor and prevent the risk of slipping.

13. Bath pillows

Bath pillows are beneficial if you love relaxing in the bubbles but need neck support. They use suction cups to stick on the tub and prevent you from sliding.

You can get small bath pillows or large ones that support your back and sides. They are helpful if you struggle to stay sitting because of balance, muscle weakness, pain or mobility.

Choose the best disabled washing aid with Mobility Plus

You don’t have to shower in discomfort or sacrifice baths when you have a washing aid. Invest in a walk-in shower or bath, or use alternative options like grab rails, shower seats, and bath fillers for a relaxing experience. With a vast array of choices, we know you will find the right aid.